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Google Analytics enables result oriented marketing initiatives

Campaign tracking broadly denotes a method to identify how users find your website. Specifically, you make use of campaign tracking section in Google Analytics for accurately tracking advertising campaigns to your site from AdWords-generated campaigns and other sources.
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Various aspects that form part of Traffic Sources section

The vital Traffic Sources segment consists of the various reports that offers an overview of the various types of sources, which direct traffic to your website. There are various vital elements such as All Traffic Sources, Direct Traffic, Referring Sites, Search Engines, Keywords, AdWords Campaign, Keyword Position and Ad Versions that the important section of Google Analytics deals with in-depth. Here we study each one of them. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: July26-31-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Google Voice Enhanced For Faster Dialing On Android And BlackBerry

Skype, the VoIP service provider, over the weekend announced that it has released a new update for multitasking and improved call quality on its iPhone application that enables users to receive calls while they are using other applications or when the phone is locked…

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Skype For iPhone App Gets Multitasking Support, Promises Free 3G Calls

If you considered the Google Street View trike was weird, now get ready to take a run on the bobsleigh course, the official Street View snowmobile. Google’s new Street View micro-site for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver has taken to the slopes with the launch of Google Snow View…

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Microsoft Signs Major Licensing Agreement With ARM Chip Technology

Redmond, software behemoth Microsoft is giving itself a major shot in the ARM, has updated its licensing agreement with chip design firm ARM Holdings PLC that enables the software giant to design chips based on ARM’s technology, a mainstay for cellphones that is also playing a role in new tablet-style computers…

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Google Unveils Plans To Sell Applications To Federal Government

In an attempt to expand its presence in governmental places, search engine titan Google Inc., on Monday unveiled plans to sell special Internet-hosted Google Apps platform specifically for federal, state, and local governments, with beefed-up security for sensitive information, as the Internet search leader seeks to outmaneuver rivals in the race to provide…

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Yahoo Japan Is Poised To Select Google’s Search Engine: Report

In what appears be a surprising blow to the massive search alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo — Japan’s top Internet portal Yahoo Japan and search engine giant Google Inc., is working on a deal to grab the algorithmic search business for Yahoo Japan, the apparent deal that would…

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Jeeves may have vanished into thin air, but according to, he is anything but forgotten., which has experimented with minimal success to transform itself into a search engine on par with those of Google and Microsoft, is making a shift into new direction and… s

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Google Maps Unleashed Version 4.4 For Android Targets “Nearby” Searches

Google on Monday unveiled its updated Maps for Android (version 4.4), an upgrade that includes easier access to places of attraction nearby for Android phones, making its Place Pages business listings more usable…

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Google In Discussion To Develop Facebook Rival: Report

Facebook is the undisputed mogul of social networking at the moment, but search engine titan Google Inc. has held discussions with various online gaming companies as it attempts to develop a new service to compete with social networking website Facebook…

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Microsoft Previews “Street Silde” — Makes Street Navigation Faster With Slide Panoramas

Leaving privacy issues aside, it is hard to grumble too much about products like Bing Streetside and Google Street View, considering such products has long wowed users with its option to view the road inside a 360-degree panorama. But of late, the geniuses over at Microsoft Research have taken the street-view idea within Google and Bing Maps and…

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Adobe, Microsoft Deepen Ties On Sharing Security Information

At the Black Hat security conference on Wednesday, Adobe Systems Inc., announced that they will soon be adopting Microsoft Corp.’s pattern of sharing information about vulnerabilities in its software with security vendors before the companies release security updates, in order to better protect users against electronic threats…

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YouTube Banned By Russian Court Over Racist Video

A court in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia has blocked access to YouTube after the website was accused of hosting “Russia for Russians,” which was judged to be an extremist propaganda…

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AdWords Announces Updates For Feedback To Partner Reporting Policy

Striving to keep its cash-cow in the limelight search and advertising titan Google has just disclosed some upcoming changes to its policies for its AdWords third party partners, making it a requirement for them to share certain basic information about their performance on campaigns with their clients…

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Google Launches New Location-Based Display Ad Format For Mobile Devices

Google is finally stepping into location-based extensions ad format with the introduction of mobile banner add that show users nearby services with map attributes…

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YouTube Boosts Maximum Video Upload Limit From 10 To 15 Minutes

For years, a lot of YouTube video creators were eclipsed by the 10 minutes of video upload that was just not enough can now rejoice, as Google owned video-sharing site YouTube is changing that: it is boosting the maximum upload length to fifteen minutes, giving the site’s millions of amateur directors a bit more leg room…

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Google Agrees To Expunge WiFi Data Collected In Hong Kong

Internet search leader Google on Friday has consented to expunge all personal WiFi data accumulated by its “Street View” mapping service in Hong Kong, which resulted in the city’s Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data Roderick Woo said was a first and the regulating authority decided not to launch a formal investigation to the leading search engine…

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Google Integrated Automatic Translation To Google Docs In 53 Languages

With most things it is certainly the small things that matters. If you need to dispatch a document to your clients in Spain, but your Spanish is beyond wonky, you are going to need help. Google understands that, and to solve that problem, search engine colossus has just added a cool new native translations feature inside of Google Docs and the ability to…

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An overview of sources that direct traffic to your site

The user-friendly Google Analytics reporting interface tracks the traffic pattern to your site from emerging two broad referring sources – organic and paid. Organic campaigns can originate from unpaid search engine results link, referral from some other site like a blog as well as direct traffic. On the other hand, paid campaigns can be attributed to AdWords, relevant paid search engine keywords, or non-Adwords providers’ paid ad campaigns. Continue reading

Highly advantageous features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is now considered an integral part of a powerful suite of both advertising and analysis tools comprising AdWords as well as Website Optimizer. It is extremely useful for providing the actionable data for AdWords users especially the one that you can try to enhance your return on investment. Continue reading