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A new ‘Facebook friend’ly version from Skype

One of the world’s leading voice over IP services, Skype, has just announced a new version of its interface, ‘Skype for Windows’. It will help bring you and your co-workers, friends and family members together like never before, the service claims. The brand new version having integrated into it the Facebook News Feed & Phonebook will make it easier to remain in touch with the other members.

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The worldwide trends in Web and mobile broadband usage

The latest statistics released regarding the usage and spread of the Internet across the world offer some interesting insights. ‘The World in 2010: ICT facts & figures’ is a research document by the International Telecommunications Union that provides an indication of how the Web and mobile broadband is spreading and what pace! The new data has been released to mark World Statistics Day on October 20. Continue reading

Microsoft-Yahoo duo takes on Google Search; shakes up search advertising

Google may ultimately face some real competition in the domain of search it has thoroughly dominated for last so many years sans any serious competition. However, with the integration process of search businesses of Microsoft and Yahoo now well on track – the challenge is going to be there. Yahoo searches are already employing Bing engine courtesy Microsoft. Continue reading

How can small businesses gain from location-based functions of networking platforms?

Along with Facebook, more established players like Twitter, Yelp and even Google are also adding location-based functions. The growing importance of geolocation services is well underscored by the introduction of Facebook Places. Recently introduced, it lets users of the Facebook mobile application to check into locations and share their whereabouts with colleagues, friends and business acquaintances. Continue reading

Is Google Instant Affecting Your Small Business?

Is Google Instant Affecting Your Small Business?

When Google announced that it will change the way users get their search results, there was one question on everyone’s mind – Will Google Instant kill SEO? But, the fact is that the new arrow from the quiver of the Internet king can improve results for small businesses that optimize their local sites for the search engine and make the most of this change.

What is Google Instant?google instant

Google Instant delivers predictive search results, enabling people to search faster as results for queries are instant and change based on every character typed. Even before you have entered the entire phrase, Google starts showing search results. This advancement will definitely influence searcher behavior.

Is Your Target Audience Tech-Savvy?

An average user likes his/her experience on the web to be simple. Constantly flashing and changing text is not something that a user will adopt quickly, especially if they know how to turn off that functionality. Even many tech-savvy people are ignoring the instant results. So, the impact of Google Instant on your business will directly depend on your prospective customers. Their response to technology will determine the change in their searching behavior, thereby affecting your business.

Should Businesses Change the Way They Do SEO?

Among the existing considerations taken into account by Google for giving the search results are the location and individual search patterns of the user based upon the IP address. With Google Instant joining the scene, a local search engine optimizer has the opportunity to widen the range of key phrases. This will help local businesses to boost their lead generation.

Small businesses must try to optimize their web pages for the keywords suggested by Google. Now, since some keywords will have more impressions than others, evolving the way a business does SEO has become a prerequisite for using Google Instant to your advantage. Businesses can spot whether this change is taking place in their market by studying reports from analytics.

How to Capitalize on Google Instant?

Speed. Yes, that is exactly the value Google Instant has added to the process of searching. Businesses, too, need to be fast enough to start acting on this. With Instant, as a user types, the results will keep changing. If you are targeting a particular key phrase, the next way to go about optimizing your web page is by going through the exercise of typing that keyword and observing the changes.

Optimizing for shorter (i.e. broader) phrases will benefit more as many users who would have previously typed in a long search term will now find what they are looking for before putting in the complete search query. As a business owner, you must question your SEO consultant about how well your site is optimized for more general key phrases.

Will Google Instant Change the Way You Advertise?

Google has always strived towards enhancing user experience. By introducing Google Instant, the company’s purpose is nothing different. The ability of users to search the results closest to their query will increase as they will be able to change the search query on the fly. This will improve the quality of clicks on the ads sponsored by you.
Since the results will keep jumping as the user’s mind does from one word to another, it has become extremely important for the ad to catch the eye of the user. It should not only capture the attention of users, but also entice them to click on it.

So, be it for paid campaigns or attracting organic traffic, local websites will have to update their online marketing strategies to maximize the results of their investment as Google Instant enters the market to change it for the better.

User-friendly features of IE 9

Microsoft’s beta release of its new Internet Explorer version (IE 9) marks another move in the tug of war currently going on between apps and the Web. The popular Web browser’s latest iteration is so designed as to make websites respond faster, appear richer and behave more akin to the apps that are installed on your machine. The idea is to make you simply forget that you are browsing the Web. Continue reading

Findings of a survey on affiliate marketing trends

A recent affiliate survey, targeted at pinpointing their preferences and choices, indicates that digital marketing techniques like online video advertising and location-based marketing are very much on their radar. The survey was based on responses from affiliates keen to use the channel more as an experiment as well as full time affiliates, who earn sizable revenue from it. Continue reading

Build and grow your business with niche networks

Many of today’s niche social networks provide businesses with the much needed guidance, excellent utilities, several handy tools and useful resources in order to establish brand identity and gain valuable exposure. In one of our earlier posts, we’ve already discussed Entrepreneur Connect and PartnerUp. Here are a couple more of them as part of our series on social networks to help entrepreneurs. Continue reading

Evaluating RoI of social media

There is a lot of debate lately about which social network is more valuable for business owners to undertake brand promotion, Facebook or Twitter. The talk revolves around Twitter followers and Facebook fans. As advertising budgets remain conservative owing to the aftereffects of recession, finding an answer to this question, in a way, represents the Holy Grail to evaluating the return on investment (RoI) of today’s all powerful social media. Continue reading

Search Engine News Updates: October 01-09-2010

Welcome to another weekly edition of Search and Social updates — packed with announcement, alliance, disputes and axing down services or products, from Silicon Valley’s tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Bing and others, as well as many more interesting Search Engine Optimization news from across the web…
Microsoft Beefs Up Hotmail Security And Social Network Measures

Security is something that is necessarily essential for internet companies that provide email and social networking services. Taking this in to account, software monopolist Microsoft earlier this week has released raft of new Hotmail security features aimed at blocking email hijackers and helping users reclaim compromised accounts…

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Facebook Enables High-Resolution Photo Uploads, Sharing

Social networking colossus Facebook, on Thursday announced some significant upgrades to its photo-sharing product: the ability to share high-resolution photos, “tag” people in bulk, and browse photos in a more streamlined fashion that does not load individual pages each time a new photo is viewed…

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Google’s “” URL Shortener Goes Public

In an age of compactness with 140-character communication and mobile devices, URL shorteners are a godsend gift. Search engine leader Google’s URL shortener, which, until now, has been closely tied to its existing products, is now debuting as a stand-alone service. The company’s URL shortening service is now open to the world through a new Web site…

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Yahoo Confirms Departure Of Three Top Executive, Bartz Urges Calm

Web portal Yahoo, which recently lost some of its key officials, and CEO Carol Bartz is encountering what may be the toughest challenge during her tenure since she took charge of Yahoo almost two years ago. The struggling search engine company late last week confirmed the departure of three senior-most executives, including U.S. head Hilary Schneider, the latest in a string of high-level departures at the Web portal…

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Google’s Debuts “WebP” New Format To Revolutionize Web Image Quality

Internet search engine giant Google in its relentless efforts to make the Web faster, the company over the weekend announced that it is trimming down the size of image files, which make up about 65% of the bytes on the Web, and released a developer preview of a new open-source image format dubbed as WebP that reduces image file sizes by an average of a third more than what JPEG compression can accomplish…

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Google Snaps Up BlindType, A Magical Typing Tech For Android

Google Inc., committed to keeping its promise of buying one company a month and now having more than 20 acquisitions this year, has once again in a low-profile move acquired a new startup. This time, the lucky company is San Francisco, California-based BlindType — the creators of an application based around touchscreen input…

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Microsoft Confirms Windows Phone 7 Launch Event Scheduled For October 11

Microsoft is heading for a mobile race. Barely a week from today, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer along with AT&T Mobility & Consumer Markets CEO Ralph de la Vega will be appearing at a New York City press conference on October 11, to unveil the widely anticipated “Windows Phone 7” smartphones, where the companies are expected to announce the release dates for the new mobile operating system…

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Google TV Announces Programming Deals With HBO, NBA And Others

Reinventing the way people watch TV and browse the Web has never been this exciting — at least for now. Search engine giant Google on Monday announced a passel of partnerships for its Google TV service with outfits involved in video, music, and other more: CNBC, HBO, Turner, the NBA, Pandora, Napster, Twitter and more aimed at combining the comforts of TV viewing and the Internet browsing in one…

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Microsoft Snaps-Up Cloud Applications Monitor AVIcode To Boost .NET Management

US software monopolist Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it has acquired AVIcode, Inc., a Maryland-based private firm that delivers performance monitoring for applications and services on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, the companies announced Wednesday…

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Yahoo Nabs Dynamic Display Ads Startup Dapper To Rival Google

Just at the start of this week made headlines for its executive exodus, Yahoo seeking to maintain its hold and capitalize on the display advertising market, Tuesday disclosed on its corporate blog that it has acquired the San Francisco-based Dapper, a startup that focuses on fancy contextual display ads, i.e. ads that take what is happening on a content producer’s website as a cue for what to serve up to a viewer…

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Google Experimenting With Full Page Previews In Search Results

Google is currently testing a revolutionary redesign feature in its search results pages that enables users to view full-page previews of the pages generated by its algorithms., a very interesting addition to its search page that slots in nicely with Google Instant, Blogstorm reports…

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Twitter Unfurls Massive Overhaul To Its Search To Handle 1B Queries Per Day

Are your Twitter searches humming a bit faster these days? The micro-blogging site, Twitter in an attempt to deliver users faster and more comprehensive search functionality, said Wednesday that it has changed its entire search architecture, and nobody noticed for weeks until they pointed it out…

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Yahoo Revamps Search For Entertainment, Sports, News

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, fulfilling its promise to innovate in search, on Thursday began rolling out several major changes to its search engine that focus on more broader selection of results when queries are related to entertainment, news or sports. The new features aim to deliver news and entertainment content to searchers across multiple devices…

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Google News Experiments With Twitter Integration

Google News is currently experimenting with a new element that allows users to incorporate their Twitter accounts with the news aggregator, according to a report from Search Engine Land, which was discovered by a reader who apparently saw the experiment in action and posted a snapshot of what it looked like on Twitter…

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Google Rolls Out Instant Search In India

From now on every keystroke that a user in India enters in Google Search Box will display dynamic search results while they are typed, as search engine behemoth on Thursday unleashed “Google Instant,” a new and revolutionary feature of Google, is now available on…

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New Yahoo Mobile Apps To Incorporate Video Chat Into Its Messenger For Android and iPhone

Apple has targeted a great deal of its iPhone 4 marketing blitz around its so-called FaceTime video calling technology. But Sunnyvale, California-based internet pioneer Yahoo is about to challenge Apple for the mobile video calling crown, with plans to incorporate a video-calling feature into its popular Yahoo Messenger application for both the iPhone and Android mobile platforms…

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Google Unveils Dedicated Latitude Website For Desktops

Earlier, Google Latitude has been available for mobile devices only via an iGoogle widget or smartphone devices, Latitude now more prominent. Earlier this week search engine titan Google on the Official Google Mobile Blog announced the introduction of a dedicated Google Latitude website that now enables users to find/track their friends and share their location from the comfort of a computer…

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