Marketing of Movies – Moving with the Times

Imagine being given an opportunity to feature in graphic novel created to advertise a movie. Does this excite you? Would you apply? Relativity Media President of Marketing, Terry Curtin has chosen to do just that. For marketing the movie Immortals, Relativity Media in collaboration with social media network Facebook has created a section on the network which allows fans to apply to have their images used for one male and one female character in the graphic novel.

Relativity Media President of Marketing, Terry Curtin explains, “ In the past we had an indirect relationship with our audience. We sell our tickets through a third party and advertised through a third party. This is the first time we have a direct interface with our audience.”

Ideas, opinions, suggestions, criticisms of movies fans are heard by movie studios through the Facebook Pages. Movie goers crave for details about the movie and in turn spread word about the movie in a natural ` word-of-mouth’ way.

Social media seems to be set to change the whole movie-experience for the fans. Movie-goers will be more involved, better informed and eager to see a movie which they have discussed with their friends before its release.