Multi-media Marketing – Old Wine in a New Bottle

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Video Marketing

Marketers have to be ever-dynamic and evolve, adapt to the times and

emerge successful. And marketing company Americhip’s President Kevin Clegg has done just that says the E-commerce Times . “Everything is video now,” saide Kevin Clegg “Video has won out as the medium for marketing.”

Realising the limited potential of videos on company websites Clegg has hit upon the idea of sending videos directly to the press, and select clients and consumers. Now comes the innovative part. How was the packaging of the video done? In the form of books using ultra-thin LCD screens! This, he claims, ensures that the right pair of eyes view the video at the right time.

Video books, video press packets, multimedia magazine inserts and may other innovative products using ultra-thin LCD screens are a part of the marketing repertoire of the company.

From video press kit for a series called ‘Life’ on the Discovery Channel to video-enhanced sports cards, Americhip has created over 300 marketing projects for its clients and the numbers are expanding.

The major downside of this marketing tool is its cost which can range from USD 30 to 100. Clegg acknowledges that cost-justification is a challenge and yet he considers that clients have found that the return on investment far exceed the cost factor, indicated by the reorders received. Clegg says that of the 300 original innovative marketing projects, 20% were re-ordered.

Social Marketing

The social media, ubiquitous and all-encompassing is emerging as a efficient marketing tool. Companies are striving to find out new means to harness its potential and Ignite Social Media is one such company which believes that marketers have to shed their role of market creators and don the suit of market facilitators.

Social media is nothing but technology – enabled gossip, word of mouth and hearsay. Jim Tobin of Ignite Social Media believes that word-of-mouth is the best publicity for a company. “Now, we have different means of impacting and encouraging it,” he says.

Exploiting the social media, Ignite’s projects have included hiring a blogger for Nature Made and hiding a high value gift on the fan page for Samsung Televisions.

Tobin wants to incorporate the brands which he markets into online conversation thereby driving traffic and sales.