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Six steps to manage your damaged online reputation effectively

Reputation management is much more than simply erasing unwanted piece of information online. It’s always dealing with the delicate human aspect and understanding the mindset of your prospects. Your way of dealing with them and apart from the quality of your products and services is vital in building the credibility of your business. Continue reading

Five tips to shore up your brand equity online

When someone out of sheer curiosity or purposely happens to search for your name or background online, the search engine results that surface, are a combination of information put up by different people – laypersons or experts , those  known to you as a professional or even anonymous. Their comments are largely based on their experiences of you and your product/ service offerings. Continue reading

Legal provisions regarding misrepresentations and remedial action

The Elements of notification under Subsection 512(c) of the US Copyright Law mentions that a notification of any claimed infringement ought to be a written piece communication given to a service provider’s designated agent. It should include substantially the following aspects related to alleged misrepresentations as explained below: Continue reading

What are implications of ignoring your online identity and image?

There are several examples of adverse publicity on the Web harming your credibility as an individual and also as a professional. And what if some miscreant starts posting something untoward about your brand time and again with no response from your side? This can only aggravate the whole situation. Lack of timely response can complicate the issue. Continue reading

Why you cannot demarcate your online reputation and your offline image?

Most hiring managers not just in the US but in other western and European countries search for candidates online, and nearly three fourth of them would reject or accept a candidate depending on what they come across in the respective search results, according to a past study courtesy Microsoft. Continue reading

Implications of mistaken identity and damaging material posted on the Web

The Web indeed is just like an elephant; it never forgets what gets stored inside. If let loose, it can end up causing a lot of trouble! One couldn’t really help being reminded of this adage after recent incident about the women who happened to receive Representative Anthony Weiner’s rather lewd photographs (The New York congressman admitted to sending them to her via Twitter). Continue reading