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Celebrations have already begun, especially with Thanksgiving Day about to hit the town. As online shoppers are getting busy as ever ordering their stuff. A lot of E-commerce sites such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Macy’s are smiling their way to the bank. If HookLogic‘s recent Online Retail Sales Report is anything to go by then there has been a huge surge in E-commerce activities in the past week, with electronic and home decor items topping people’s wish list.

Thanksgiving Day may hit in a week’s time but there’s already a surge in users’ online activities. Especially where stats from November 9, 2015 to November 15, 2015 are concerned, the total views of product pages grew to the indexed value of 133, which is 33 more than the benchmarked value of 100. And last week was nothing different with the online tally touching 107. The online searchers are converting big time, taking the average conversion rate tally to 155 which is a big improvement from the previous tally of 112.


Besides that, the non-branded keywords searches dominated this year’s gifting season with “TV” heading the search list and “Laptop”, “Christmas Trees” and “Tablets” following suit. “Boots” which featured as the top entry last week, generated a lot of interest with “women’s boots” making it to people’s top online search list so far.

On the other hand, online shoppers were very much in awe of home decor items such as “Bedding”, followed by “Curtains”, “Rugs”, “Vacuum” and “Lamps”.


Continuing last week’s trend, online traffic from mobile devices still dominates the search scenario with smart search tally accounting for more than half of the searches, as compared to desktop searches which garnered only 49% of eyeballs.

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Once upon a time, SEO’s work profile revolved around searching for right phrases to fill up the meta keyword descriptions meant for ranking. With the passage of time, SEO’s started to look for the right combination of keywords and keyword targeting, before embarking on a new campaign.

Rising curiosity levels ensured that the SEO’s job became that much more complicated rather than just looking for right keywords combination. With all the aspects of SEO’s taking a U-turn, keywords and keyword targeting are probably the two elements of SEO’s work ethics, for which the search is still on. In fact, keywords are looked upon as key ingredient for the foundation of great SEO campaign.

So, whether you are laying the sitemap foundation or initiating a URL structure, finding those right keywords are important as ever.

But as they say – “Too much of good thing can possibly do more harm than good.” Similarly, using too much obscure variation in terms of keywords can possibly mar the user experience, which is akin to misleading the user with the usage of popular search terms in their title keywords.

This makes SEO’s job that much more delicate as far as the selection of right keywords is concerned. Your job is to strike the right balance for your keywords driven site structure, which can further pave the way for the success of your SEO campaign

Identifying the right keywords

Identifying the right keywords is often a long thankless procedure, which starts with the research. The research here isn’t all about filling up the spaces of your web page with every genre of keywords but discovering few, which can possibly add value to your page. The repeated search phrases can give you a clue about the popular search trends as such.

For instance, research for SEO in SEMrush tool can lead you to more than 2,000 results, which makes it simply impossible to target them with one page. And it hardly makes sense to cover them in multiple pages. Here, the idea is to strike a balance by building only those additional pages to cover up typical search behavior.

In addition, your search for “what is SEO” will eke out hundreds of results pertaining to a different set of search results catering wholly to the different set of user queries. Hence, it makes sense to first understand the user search intent before nailing down those specific keywords.

Segment your content as per your page requirements

Structuring your web pages is a bit like prioritizing your SEO aspects. Just like too much emphasis on a particular aspect can spoil your entire campaign. Similarly, you need to prioritize your web pages based on the targeted keywords. More than 2000 phrases associated with “SEO” search results shows the user’s inclination towards SEO services but as an SEO provider that doesn’t augur well to create 10 SEO based web pages to trap the searchers.

Likewise, it’s a bit tough to differentiate between “digital marketing” and “internet marketing” with 355 and 404 separate keywords phrases in SEMrush, respectively. But you can wisely trap the user’s attention by combining the two concepts to form your landing page. It is then up to the search engine to segment your page on the basis of a service, tool, infographics or any location.

Finally, it’s up to you to find that right balance by segmenting your content accordingly on the basis of your web page requirements and not as per the search engine modifier.

Enhance your user’s web experience

Create quality content which not only caters the user’s requirements but also makes the search modifiers’ crawl that much more efficient. The fact that a lot of search phrases being searched online gives an indication that they have the potential to generate a lot of traffic. So, whether it’s an informative search or purely transactional one, striking the right balance as far seamless navigation is concerned will test the overall quality of your user’s web experience.

This is where the topic of creating content with appropriate integration of keywords comes to the fore. It takes a lot of research and in-depth knowledge of the market, user behavior, keywords etc. to come out with the content that ticks all the right boxes. But a lot of times, it is short of expectation.

Remember the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Similarly, the art of content writing with proper keyword integration takes time to become your secondary nature.

Love them or hate them but you can’t ignore them

Love them or hate them but you just can’t ignore the existence of keywords, when carving your next SEO campaign. But whether it will lead success or failure will be decided by your user experience both in terms of your site navigation and the proper keywords integrated content. All in all, this will only make the SEO’s job that much harder. And if you are unable to strike the right balance in terms of finding appropriate keywords then we are just a call away. Connect with us at 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) or email sales@ebrandz.com to let our reps assist you.


Keyword Drop

In this virtual monogamous world created by Google (with respect to Microsoft, Bing, Yahoo Search, Twitter and of course Facebook), fluctuation or a drop in your website’s organic search ranking is a part and parcel that comes with the instructions of maintaining superiority over your competitors. A drop in keyword rankings has many virtual reasons behind it. So if you are currently experiencing a virtual dropout in rankings, listed below are some of the reasons that potentially might be the cause.

  • Switching the landing page URL

Switching to a new URL doesn’t affect your homepage’s keyword rankings as such.  However, if you have changed a landing page URL that used to rank earlier, it will affect rankings. The solution to this is to implement a permanent (301) redirect from the old URL to the new one.

However, make a note that redirecting doesn’t help in retaining or shifting the social data from one page to another. You will need to get social votes for the new URL from scratch. So if social votes are important to you, then you might need to consider your previously attracting landing page URL.

  • Switching keyword optimization for landing pages

Removing specific target keywords from your landing pages can hurt you big time especially if that data previously attracted you organic traffic. Moreover, changing the page’s SEO title, image or text containing these target keywords may hurt your page’s keyword optimization and which in turn can negatively impact your search rankings. If that’s the case then you seriously need to reconsider your SEO strategy to get ahead.

  • You must have lost some good backlinks

There can be a lot of reasons you must have lost backlinks; website linking to you is down, gets penalized, removed its outgoing links, redirects its page are some of the prominent causes. But losing some of your popular links to your website can seriously hamper your search results. That’s the reason enough for you to build some quality links and keep them updated on a regular basis. Consider a tool such as ahrefs to monitor lost backlinks.

  • Google’s algorithm update had an impact

Google claims to change its search algorithm around 500 – 600 times in a year. While most of them are minor changes, Google rolls out a major one (such as the Penguin or Panda) that significantly changes the search results. In case, if you haven’t updated your website accordingly, it can harm your search rankings big time.

After knowing about the algorithm change that affected your website, you need to resolve the issue at hand. For instance:

o   If the drop in your search ranking is due to the Panda update, you’ll have to pivot upon creating great web content.

o   In case the drop in your search ranking is due to the Penguin update, you’ll have to pivot on removing / disavowing existing un-natural backlinks and creating great contextual links.

o   If the drop in your search ranking is due to the Mobilegeddon effect, you need to make sure to comply with Google’s mobile friendly norms i.e. create a Google Mobile Friendly website.

The above-mentioned points cover the general area to look into after a major update. But there is more to these updates as some are industry specific and some due to breaking certain webmaster policy norms which is why Google penalized you. In such cases, you would need a professional to look into. Making innocent changes by in-house SEOs or amateurs to the website without knowing the cause can do more harm than good.

  • Overhauled by your competitors

Your search ranking dip can also be due to the fact that your competitor simply overhauled you in terms of the SEO which means that you need to revamp your present SEO strategy to get ahead. If you notice this, do some analysis of your competitors as to how they are ranked ahead of you. First, check the content on your competitor’s website. You should be able to match with that. Secondly, look at improving your site’s on page optimization structure. Finally, you need to check your competitor’s recent backlinks. If there are any possible link building opportunities, capture them.

In conclusion

As you see, there are many potential reasons for the drop in your keyword rankings. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. So, if you still haven’t figured out reason behind the recent dropout in your search rankings OR want to make sure you’re not going to be a likely victim, we can help. Request a FREE SEO Analysis for your website now. Alternatively, you can call 888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) OR email sales@ebrandz.com for assistance.

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