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Why is it vital to assess and analyze qualified leads?

If you are not monitoring and measuring, you are not successfully marketing, they say. Now when it’s about measuring, a plethora of norms and benchmarks are there for marketers to opt for. Probably, among the most basic ones is website tracking or analytics, more specifically. Time and again, we come across SMB owners who either fail to track their key site stats and usage figures, or, don’t really realize what they should be looking at even if they have some sort of analytics installed. Continue reading

Key aspects of Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells you how online visitors arrived at your site by finding it either through random search, recommendation or keyword specific query. It also shows how a user has explored it, and then suggests how better you could enhance the user experience. With this practical information at your disposal, you can improve your business site’s visibility and conversion rate. Continue reading

Quick checklist for a successful PPC campaign

Different PPC platforms allow you to access different niche or specific audiences. So it is necessary to do a thorough research on the PPC markets, and put up ads on the most suitable ad network. Things like finding negative key terms via proper social media monitoring also matter in making a PPC campaign meaningful. Continue reading

Stick to the basics while implementing your PPC ad campaign

A PPC (pay per click) ad campaign can prove to be a very effective source of online traffic and revenue. PPC listings are generally considered that much quicker and uncomplicated to set up, provided your selection of an expert is precise. But there a few key things to be always kept in mind. Which are they? Continue reading

Six core elements of Google adwords campaign management

The biggest benefit that Google adwords management as part of any PPC campaign offers is its being a very specific mode of direct advertisement. Not merely those interested in your product or services check the advertisement, but they also are more likely to convert. These users are obviously looking for practical information on your domain and are prompted to act on basis of the information provided. Continue reading

Monetize traffic and increase revenue through analytics

Google Analytics allows a business site owner irrespective of the domain to analyze web traffic flow through a reliable metric. Here I am pointing to top exit pages that analytics focuses on. The exit pages along with other important elements such as bounce rate and time spent on a site by users is quite valuable. Continue reading

Insight into new version of Google Analytics and its custom report features

By creating an additional dashboard your account, you can focus on some of your key metrics. Google Analytics has made available the new dashboards as part of the new version of Google Analytics. The new, enhanced features are just the beginning of the impending changes to the new analytics platform over time. Following is the key feature you can try out in the Analytics v5: Continue reading