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5 features of a professional PPC ad campaign

PPC advertising is a vital aspect to fetch affiliate sales. Knowing how and where to initiate your campaign will ensure you optimize your ad spends. For successful Pay Per Click marketing, there are several key things like knowing your market, being aware of your prospects’ needs, and where to send your targeted affiliate traffic to should be considered. Continue reading

A quick recap of new adCenter features and enhancements

Previously, changes to Microsoft’s adCenter interface would not take place with so much of regularity – just once or twice at the most, a quarter. However, this is going to change with more frequent updates in the offing – Broad Match Modifier, the Mac-driven desktop version, a customized version for smaller businesses, plus more integrated interactive advertisements on Bing, to name a few. Continue reading

A more user friendly Microsoft Advertising Search Network interface

Microsoft’s adCenter platform is set to launch enhanced capabilities to the market at the advertiser level as well as in modifying relevance algorithms (matching, pricing, ranking, the black box etc). The whole exercise is geared up towards providing advertisers with greater control and more transparency. Let us get a quick recap of some of the enhancements lined up for the Advertising’s Search Network of Microsoft: Continue reading

Seven enhanced adCenter features

With a series of upgrades, users of Microsoft Advertising adCenter can comes cross newer and more improved features that will help them boost the overall campaign performance. The enhancements are aimed at making it easier to devise search and content driven advertising strategies. A host of changes will help advertiser reach their intended audience and achieve desired results. Continue reading

Cross-network compatibility between adCenter & AdWords for trademark owners

Comparing Google and Microsoft trademark policies do have certain things in common and a few uncommon things. It is important that you are aware of the o the cross-network compatibility between adCenter & AdWords trademark policy implementations. Continue reading

Comparing Google and Microsoft trademark policies

A recent move on part of Microsoft to let advertisers bid on their competitors’ trademarks definitely needs a closer look. For the company, this particular step is likely to fetch higher revenue, as it opens up a popular new segment of key terms on adCenter platform and effectively bidding gets more intense on many of those trademarked brand terms in demand. Continue reading

Understanding differences between adCenter & Adwords and a new Quality Score feature

Perhaps you are a medium or small sized business owner who has been spending a considerable amount of time and energy meticulously planning out your Google PPC account. You understand the important role it plays for your promising and fast emerging business on the Web. It is quite understandable that you don’t have the inclination to repeat the whole exercise and perform it all over again for some other search engine. Continue reading

How Microsft adCenter will adjust the campaign budget?

We shall know about the specifics and certain key factors that come into play when you want set a budget on per month basis instead of daily basis and how you can divide it effectively across the month. For a budget per month option you divide it across the month, or spend it until depleted. Let us understand in a greater depth. Continue reading

Key factors when setting a Microsoft search advertising budget

With effective implementation of Microsoft search advertising, you can make optimum use of your spend on a campaign. The amount is broadly based on monthly search campaign budget allocation and the maximum bid. These are the two key factors that determine your outgo. Continue reading

Maximize your RoI of advertising spend in the search marketplace

The new Yahoo!-Microsoft Search alliance is aimed at combining the strengths of two companies to create a better choice in search with the enhanced scale and reach. It will let searchers get relevant results quicker. The combined entity promises to offer more value and deliver increased returns for advertisers. It will also bring improved results for web publishers. If the alliance succeeds in delivering what it has promised, it will be great for search marketers. Continue reading