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It may seem like a jest, but a recent research has revealed that 60% people trust Google for news over the original source itself. This indicates how successful search engines & especially Google has been in establishing trust among users.

This is the second time in a row that “Search Engines” came out as the most trusted form of media, whereas traditional media secured the second spot & social media turned out to be the least trusted form of media (thanks to unauthentic posts, false stories, fake profiles, Photoshop & more).

It started last year & now it has become a trend. From a user’s perspective, a headline featured in Google news is more trustworthy than that same headline featured in the original source.

But why? Well, it could be because trust in Google itself is quite high.  Google was listed as the second most reputable company in the world in 2015.

If you evaluate the reasons behind the lack of trust in social media, you will find that the most shared news here contain less information as compared to the top news featured on search engines. Social media works on the concept of entice & engage. They first tease users with minimal information to arouse their curiosity. They then lure them to their article & reveal the whole thing, which often turns out to be irrelevant or less important. This cheap strategy reduces the trust that a user places in the publisher.

For instance, a reputed publisher shares shocking news with the headline “XYZ Hollywood actor has been arrested”. People then desperately click on the news just to find out that it was a promotional activity for an upcoming film.  These despicable strategies may get those publishers a few more visitors, but it costs them a lot more in the long run.

On the other hand, search engines generally focus on facts. Have a look at the top news headlines on a search engine. You will find that the titles contain only facts & information, & nothing else. Also, they try to deliver these facts in as minimum words as possible & this increases the trust factor.

One more reason is that you can quickly scan news & information from a variety of sources. This is considered to be more truth-worthy than relying on a single source, because some publishers try to manipulate the news for their own benefit. And to get news from a neutral point of view & without any wrong interpretation, search engines & especially Google News is a boon for every news hungry person out there.

The numbers also prove that Google is winning in this area as well. So if you are a publisher make sure that you are included in the Google News index, because it will be way more beneficial than anything else out there.

For a complete guide on how to get your news included in the Google news index, refer to this amazing article which describes point-by-point how to do it right.

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Sometimes we tend to forget about the basics and run behind shiny things. This is also true when it comes to SEO because as we know that things change drastically, we have convinced ourselves that the more complex the strategy we implement, the better our position will be. But is that really the case? We don’t think so! Sometimes, the simplest of SEO strategies are the best.

Below are 3 simple, proven and tested SEO strategies that work wonders.

Killer User Experience

If you want a perfect, powerful and efficient SEO strategy, create the best user experience you possibly can.

Often we see lack of teamwork when it comes to UX. Most of the times, all the teams namely, UX, SEO, Design & IA don’t collaborate with each other; despite the fact that the foundation of SEO is user experience. And that is why your SEO strategies will not work unless your websites offer good user experience.

Good SEO commands great content, a functional website, easy navigation, relevant keywords and quality backlinks.

See the point?

Every facet of SEO somehow gets back to producing a great user experience. And when you ignore this fundamental concept, you are actually ignoring the very basics of SEO. But when you enhance the user experience, you improve your SEO in that particular aspect.

Title Tag

The most noticeable element on a search engine result page is the Title Tag. Title tags are so basic that they often get ignored; despite the fact that it is the first thing a user notices about your website.

Experts say that after content, title tag is the 2nd most vital on-page factor that affects SEO.  So here are some valuable tips to optimize your title tag.

Auto generated title tags are your enemies. WordPress could create one for you, but sticking to it will cost you visitors. So first analyze what could possibly be the best title tag that sums up your whole content in an appealing way.

  • Don’t try to stuff your titles with keywords, use a keyword which also describes the title.
  • Keep your title tag in the front; it’s helpful for both the search engines and the users.
  • It should guide the user, so make sure that you’re making title tags for humans.

More Content

Due to the content marketing boom, we did get a lot of content but the internet also exploded with low-quality content. Content that has been created for the sake of SEO is neither good for the search engines nor for the users. Some content marketers have become really exhausted by “too much content” and some are even asking who will consume this much content on a daily basis.

But the fact is, there are billions of people who search with different intentions and keywords. They get a lot of choices while searching for content and finally proceed with the best. So I would say that “Too much content is not the problem, but low-quality content is”.

We have been analyzing and working on many websites. We wrote content for many of our clients and intensified their blog posts, social media posts  & more. And guess what? We got overwhelming results. Their website traffic boosted and we see an unbelievable amount of visitors. Also, we registered a decent number of unique visitors.

It means that more content is good as long as it’s great. Your audience is looking for content and if you produce and provide high-quality content, then you can reign supreme and fulfill your goals of getting high traffic.


SEO has never been easy. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, there are always things to learn, techniques to adopt & areas of knowledge to grow. The more you understand and master the basics, the higher the chances of becoming an SEO expert or marketer.

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The year 2015 brought along these 8 actionable takeaways. Let’s look at what they talk about.


This year of June saw the SEO Ranking Factors being discussed upon by the smartest of minds from the industry like Cyrus Shephard, Marcus Tober, Danny Sullivan, etc. SMX advanced was what it was called.

With workshops like ‘Social PPC & Psychographic Display Intensive‘ along with local SEO strategies for managing multiple locations.

Now, let’s look at the 8 important factors about ranking, as disclosed in the 2015 SEO Ranking Factors.

1. Understanding & satisfaction of user intent

The evolution of SEO has now seen the importance of user experience & intent rise on top, bringing down elements like keywords by a degree.  While optimizing a page, it’s the user intent that is trailed by the keyword and not vice-versa. In the process, pen down things user’s primarily needs, his questions and the purpose of his search.

Connect user’s questions to their intent, then the intent to your topic for natural keywords. The user will have his search sufficed the very minute he has his problem solved.

2. Look for a Backlink on a News site

Backlinks are important, although not all are built equal.

Press releases will help you with presence & visibility that’d get you backlinks from authoritative news websites. ‘Help a Reporter Out (HARO)’ will get you reporters. Be an authoritative spokesperson in your niche with Personal Branding.

Require an assertive presence with industry forums to draw in news network attention. Also, be actively involved in community affairs to be mentioned & linked in local papers. Utterance about current events via blogs to be a source of research via news sites.

3. Improvise upon Link Building

The importance of Link Building for SEO has been increasing since 2014. There was a time when link building was spammy and blotch. But the present era seeks the importance of the same if dealt with carefully. As the algorithms and researchers state, sites still need links to rank and search results have risen due to links. Old-school link building needs to be over-shadowed by the present-era link building for a stronghold in the market.

4. Relevant Keywords

Keywords are important even today, but they need to be pertinent. Irrelevant keywords give rise to questions that lead to time ticking slowly. Your topic needs to bring out keywords that are not exactly related to it. For instance, a topic that talks about a ‘dog’ would have keywords like trainer, disc & balls, kennel, etc. Avoid keywords like breed, fur, mammal, etc.

5. Interactive Essence

Interactive elements lure in users & help in ranking higher. Interactive elements allow the user to look through in an easier manner since he is able to relate himself to the elements portrayed. Also, making things interactive squirts up the level of interest for you since you try to add in a creative aspect. A few of the interactive content ideas could be like quizzes, images & videos, embedded tweets, long content, links etc.

If time doesn’t permit all of this, try doing it via great websites, navigations and interfaces.

6. Easy Legibility

Research has suggested that easily readable content brings about higher rankings. So why don’t you try it out? All you’ve got to do is make sure you content is long enough, up to 300 words and set up in an attractive manner. Also, make sure all of the words are aligned in a grammatically correct order with the help of expert human graders.

7. Use Structured Lists

Pages would be turned at the very sight of cluttered paragraphs. Make sure your content is set up in an orderly manner. A list is something that attracts users.

8. Use HTTPS

Many ranking changes haven’t been seen since Google mentioned about HTTPS being a ranking signal. Research talks about considering secure connection. After the release of the HTTPS algorithm, brands seem to have small percentages of increased visibility. Hence, having HTTPS is a good idea.

We conclude by stating most of the information provided is reliable, if not completely true. So, try implementing these for higher ranks.

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Nowadays, every business has a website and every website is striving to get more traffic. In the current scenario, one has to compete with the giants of the industry but within a limited budget. This seemingly impossible task can be made possible by employing the best way to lure more traffic and sales and that is, investing in Search Engine optimization (SEO). It is a must for almost every website owners, regardless of size, products or services they offer. It’s comparatively cheap as compared to Google ads or other means of Internet marketing. It also provides lasting impression and unlike Google ads, you don’t have to pay a single penny for clicks!

Many business owners are interested in opting SEO but pull their hands back due to lack of information regarding the same. In this article, we are going to highlight some important points which will help you to be sure that SEO is a right fit for your website and how it should be done.


SEO seems like a rocket science to many. I am not denying the fact that its bit complex to understand and thus many find their-self in uncertainty and confusion. But once you learn the basics of SEO you will wonder, why I was even bothered! Learning the basics of SEO is important before you think of doing it yourself or hiring an agency that will do the work for you.


Many website owners don’t include SEO in their marketing budget despite the fact that it has become crucial for luring visitors to your site. They usually have their own reasons like lack of staff, technical support, knowledge or budget. It clearly indicates that Search Engine Optimization is not a high priority for their business and it’s a huge mistake.

A good SEO can turn your low performing website into a gold mine. A big reason to invest in Search Engine Optimization.


Big websites of big companies take months to update or implement change. On the other hand smaller websites can be updated and changed on a regular basis, this is due to the short procedures required. Another ways where you can overcome the big websites are:

  • To attract more customers, you can use precisely targeted keywords.
  • If your title is good enough along with the description and inside content, then your website is going to win a lot of loyal users. So Spend more time in writing web page titles and descriptions.
  • Make it easier for searchers to steer through your website by improving your website navigation.
  • If you offer something that big websites are unable to deliver then you are going to win a big time.


SEO is extremely important for your website and unlike other aspects of business, it is not necessary to do it yourself. You can invest amount on SEO, as it’s going to provide you excellent Return On Investment (ROI). We suggest you to do a precise research about the agencies offering SEO services so that you can make a well-informed decision.

Or else, you can approach us. We have been working in SEO industry since 12 years and has served more than 14000+ clients. Our prices and services are exceptional, as we provide best in the industry SEO services at a competitive price. You can email us your specific requirement and budget on sales@ebrandz.com or simply ring the bell 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free).

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