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Why ad targeting is tough and what does it take?

Microsoft just recently stated that it was taking a whopping $6.2 billion writedown owing to the unsuccessful aQuantive acquisition. This bit of news, and the closer scrutiny of Facebook business model post their IPO rumblings, suggest that, in the realm of online advertising, it’s basically all about the targeting. Continue reading

5 features of a professional PPC ad campaign

PPC advertising is a vital aspect to fetch affiliate sales. Knowing how and where to initiate your campaign will ensure you optimize your ad spends. For successful Pay Per Click marketing, there are several key things like knowing your market, being aware of your prospects’ needs, and where to send your targeted affiliate traffic to should be considered. Continue reading

Key aspects of Google Analytics

Google Analytics tells you how online visitors arrived at your site by finding it either through random search, recommendation or keyword specific query. It also shows how a user has explored it, and then suggests how better you could enhance the user experience. With this practical information at your disposal, you can improve your business site’s visibility and conversion rate. Continue reading

A couple of turnkey tools for effective content distribution online

Today, the key resource in the online publishing world is target audience. To compete for fickle reader attention has become the challenge for established and upcoming bloggers or blogging platforms. They are finding that they not only need to create better content, but also have to work out a way to make people notice them. In this context, turnkey tools for optimum content distribution have acquired a great deal of importance. Continue reading

Why should the sole purpose of your site not be to showcase ads?

You should know the certain policies followed by Google AdWords to allow E-Commerce or content portals to use the service. We shall acquaint ourselves with some of the basic aspects that you should keep in mind while designing your campaign or fine tuning your site for the ad display to avoid getting blacklisted. Continue reading

Cross-network compatibility between adCenter & AdWords for trademark owners

Comparing Google and Microsoft trademark policies do have certain things in common and a few uncommon things. It is important that you are aware of the o the cross-network compatibility between adCenter & AdWords trademark policy implementations. Continue reading

Legal implications of bidding on your competitor’s trademarks

Microsoft has just unveiled a new update regarding its trademark policy. So now, it is possible to poach off trademarks of a competitor by bidding on them as key terms on Yahoo as well as Bing, just the way you have always been permitted to on Google. If you can bid on trademarks in AdWords and adCenter, does it really mean you can escape any legal action? Continue reading

How to ensure that you make the most of your ads even with a limited budget?

Consider employing the AdWords tool to push your ad and promote your business website. Relevant domain-specific search result pages usually determine the rank based on implicit Quality Score of selected keyword/s apart from cost-per-click (CPC) bid consideration. Following are a few basic things to be kept in mind for creating good ads that will get a better position on desired search pages relevant to your niche area of operation. Continue reading

A new and powerful search alliance for consumers and advertisers

Along with Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing are among the most dominant PPC engines on the scene. The transition of the latter’s ad serving to adCenter is already over in the US and Canada. It is now claimed that the combined entities can reach out to about 165 million searchers making use of Microsoft and Yahoo! sites, providing a volume of more than 5.7 billion searches every month. Continue reading

How to ensure that your ad is targeted to the right audience?

One important advantage of Google AdWords is that your budget parameters will define the maximum limit for your average daily spend – spread over a period of one month by modifying it as frequently as you wish. Keep in mind the fact that the ads, which are clear, compelling and specific, will more convince online users to click them so that they buy your products and services. Continue reading