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Google had recently issued a warning to businesses to keep away from negative link building tactics, along with a list of pros & cons. They even revamped their webmaster guidelines so that businesses world over didn’t infringe Google’s Search Quality Rating Guidelines. But, according to Google’s webmaster blog in Japan, it has penalized a Japan based link network for infringing upon its Webmaster Guidelines.

With the sole intention to rank higher in Google’s SERPs, the accused Japanese online entity was employing unfair trade practices to not only boost Page Rankings, but also the trust factor via purchasing and selling of links.

Let’s see what the translated version of Google’s Japanese Webmaster blog post says on this matter

As part of this effort, Google this time, in order to operate illegally search result link program has undergone a countermeasure against some of the site network of the Japanese had done the buying and selling of participating in the link. Among this is because it was also included sites that repeatedly Webmaster Guidelines violation, was subjected to severe measures than normal in some cases.

In addition, we tell even before, there seems to be the case that measures would be carried out, such as violation of the Webmaster Guidelines in place without the knowledge of the webmaster. Previously it introduced the example of SEO firms, but it seems there is also be generated by the outsourcing of such advertising not only SEO skilled in the art. In order to prevent this, the webmaster you we recommend that you check from time to time and see whether subcontractors are doing what measures.

With that said, it was over a year ago, in 2014, that Google officially penalized a link network based in Poland as they were found guilty of committing a similar offense. On both counts, Google used the same yardstick to punish the link networks. Although it has now been focusing more of its attention on eradicating mobile spams and sneaky redirects.

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There’s no doubt that link building is a crucial part of your SEO campaign. And getting it right is one of the most challenging experiences that often concerns many new start-ups and sometimes Pro SEO’s as well. Link-Building is a slow and gradual process that requires loads of patience, discipline and of course creative intelligence. There are certain work ethos that need to be followed in your search of a perfect link building campaign. In this brief article, we’ll rather talk about ten worst link building practices that you need to be careful with.

1. Followed or not

It’s a crime that we often commit by not following up our clients after initial round of communication. Not only that hurts the bottom-line of your business but you may end up losing some prospective clients as well. Well, one thing that you need to be aware about is not each and every client will respond immediately. And that doesn’t mean that you will entirely give up on them. But they need to be further pursued and educated about your business to bring them at the end of your sales funnel. This can be only achieved by following up with them at a regular interval of time depending upon the sales funnel they are in.

2. Verify Sites, Before Linking

As a site owner, it’s no longer a clutter free virtual world for a smooth business communication. And on top of that you need to adhere with Google’s webmaster guidelines to maintain your existence. Hence, before embarking on any sort of business communication with your client, you may do well to just cross check their site for any hacked or malicious content or even Google indexing concerns that may not only result in some kind of unwanted links to your site but also you may be penalized for infringing upon webmaster’s policy norms.

3. Have you properly read it or not


Act in accordance with your client’s concerns and your requirements. If your client doesn’t want you to communicate through a certain way then just don’t do it. So, if your client doesn’t want to do a text link, site-wide link or even don’t want to be contacted at certain hours then there’s no point in doing so. Just leave them alone.

4. Webmaster’s Call, Care to listen

It’s often hurts our link building efforts, when we aren’t communicating with the webmaster. For they are the one who know what your visitor expects out of your content and business as such. In addition to that, you don’t want to be linked to some irrelevant sites which caters to housekeeping services or talks about pet care or offers car-washing services and stuff like that. To avoid any of those sorts of miscommunication, just hear out your webmaster’s concerns.

5. Care for Q with “lity” and not “tity

If you are to choose between two social media pages one with 10 lacs clicks random and irrelevant clicks and the other with 10,000 relevant quality links then most of us would go for the latter then former irrespective of the numbers. The reason being that 10 lacs may look good on view, but will hardly help the bottom-line of your business. Because at the end of the day, it is quality rather than quantity that matters.

6. Hey, it’s me don’t you know

Be specific with your e-mail communication and try to address it to the concerned person. Try to pitch your correspondence in a formal way. Be specific even with the name of your addressing person and try not to do any guessing work. Because if you do work that way then there are chances it may not go down well with your e-mail recipient. Understand that you’re communicating for your marketing needs and not doing any phishing activity as such.

7. Don’t attract webmaster’s ire

When pitching as a part of your link building campaign, don’t get involved in any sort of phishing activity or sell your collections of some precious links or even harm your competitor’s website in order to get ahead of them. Don’t act in such nonchalant way so as to warrant webmaster’s action.

8. Let the Webmaster guide you

In case, if you do get webmaster’s correspondence then don’t act nonchalantly rather take it seriously forward while solving any such dispute. But if you don’t adhere to the webmaster’s norms then you may seriously hurt your online presence.

9. Keep it Short and Simple, dude


Understand that most of your clients are inundated with e-mail messages all day long and hardly few of those seem to get the desired response from the recipient. Hence, the idea is to be short and crisp with your e-mail correspondence and get the relevant message across in few words for them to respond to your query.

10. Relevance is that a factor…

People just want results to stuff that are closely connected to their queries irrespective of its relevancy. But your idea of relevance may differ from mine. But as a business owner if you do get a correspondence from an SEO firm asking about your site’s SEO requirements then the question as such may sound relevant to you but as an owner it may be a lot more difficult for you to come out with a proper answer.

Get rid of your Bad Habits!

As they say, it’s easier to prevent bad habits than to break them and fortunately these habits are rather easy to get by. But most people don’t have that willingness to break bad habits. They have a lot of excuses and they talk like victims. So, don’t be a victim of your own fallacy start changing them to see the desired outcome of your existing SEO campaign. But if you are not able to DO IT YOURSELF then hire some professionals to do it for you.

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link building

Make your link building strategy more effective by considering the below tips:

1. Echo Successful Examples

Keep an eagle eye on your competitor’s links and look out for the type of link partners they have. Try to echo it or if possible get it from the same partner.

2. Active Webmaster Is The Key

Choosing an active webmaster is crucial. Ignore the webmaster who takes forever to place the link, go with the pro-active webmaster instead.

3. Identify Your Audience

Try to communicate with the owner; they will be able to take the decision in a fraction of second. Avoid indulging in a long process which also includes company politics. A simple call can make a big difference as it has the potential to yield common interests. Also search online for the information about the potential partner; it will help you to take conversation ahead.

4. Humanize

Humanize you brand. Maybe you are representing a company but if you try to be too formal they will react vice-versa. Be a person instead and share your opinions and interest. If the person you are talking to is like minded, most probably they are going to close the deal with you. It also makes the negotiation part much easier.

5. Outline Effectiveness

Ensure every step you are taking in link building process is effective. Is your information correct? Is the company really interested about your proposal? Are they going to place your link, if yes then is it the way you have imagined? Are they responding or reacting at all? By determining the answers of such question, you can take more effective steps towards link building.

6. Measure The Ranking Effect

Calculate the time and effort required for a link. To make your link building more effective, you should spread effort across several potential link partners. To generate a natural link profile, extend it across multiple link building strategies and partner types.

7. Make Information Incomplete Without a Link

Ensure that the mention seems incomplete without the link. Sometimes your link gets excluded despite mentioning your company name in desired content. By sermonizing multiple views on the same topic and including claims that are verified with proof, you can list your links more effectively.

8. Take Risk

“Not taking risk is the biggest risk” this quote describes our next tip clearly. Don’t be afraid to address sensitive topics, as those are the ones in which people are highly interested but only a few have the guts to take risk and write on it. Get the attention of those wondering souls by making bold statements.

9. Restrict Commercial Messages

Attracting links with products tend to be much easier as compared to the information. Products or services do attract links but command more efforts. People can link to special services and offers for the sake of readers or can also do it for money.

10. Relevant But Not Related Keywords

Getting links for least logical terms are much easier as compared to the others. You can also guide off-track visitors by exchanging links of words with multiple meanings.

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In this age of social chats and blog posts, no one can possibly deny the usefulness of a smart and effective social media campaign. In fact, your social media presence becomes vital link in turn to carry out an effective SEO campaign. But a lot of times, these social media managers tend to waste their CTC (cost to company) time on Twitter hashes, Facebook followers, LinkedIn profiles and Pinterest fun activities to name a few, which in return don’t really add up to the ROI to the company.

Instead, to carry out an effective SEO campaign, you don’t really need these junk activities in the form of likes and retweets but rather a link sharing on your company’s official website. And this is really where things go out of focus, when your end goal is just to maximize the URL sharing to get the message across to the webmaster. So what really should be your social media strategy, which can effectively get you links in the process.

Listed below is the perfect five-step link building recipe that you can follow to get links via social communities.


It’s an irony of the fact that the most popular of the groups that you just followed may not actually contribute to your web link building process. In fact, most of your click-throughs may share your URL from social communities rather from your official website. For that to happen, you will have to visit relevant web pages to start sharing your content with the relevant socially active profiles as such. So when you do get hooked with concerned profiles, then make an effort to search for their taste of social retweets, Facebook pokes, pins of interest and Instagram updates that they religiously follow or read. Following channels like these will hopefully contain some relevant groups of your interest.


So, when you do get to know about their whereabouts then ensure that you also end up becoming a part of their community. Now, you have two options either become a valued member or use social profile to connect with them. An active social chat makes more sense than the communicating through mailers. Sharing your articles links should become a free part of your chatter rather than an obligation. So when credible relevant groups do share your message across then it must show up on their website, too.


If you have some relevant shareable content then it will spread like a forest fire on every social media platforms. That’s the reason why when some funny video or a controversial video content goes viral then the online community ensures that it trends like selling some hot dogs. Thus, sharing some relevant content across and asking for opinions helps generates personal reviews, too. In this way, one shareable tweet across gets many re-tweets in response and in turn can get you some surprise links including the ones, you didn’t aim at.


A shareable content without a curiosity-generating title may not help matters as far as your social sharing goals are concerned. This is the reason why it’s important that you come with a more creative and curiosity-generating title that will ensure its reach is maximized in terms of back to back sharing by scribes on all social platforms. To come up with some creative title, you first need to decide your target audience. Once you’re done with that part, then you can have separate title for targeting a niche group of audience should be the order of the day. You can also include some exciting claim in your title along with a verifiable link to your site whereas a question inclusive title    can arouse response from a more specific set of audience.

Likewise, a stand out or a more appealing image ensures that it gets the desired audience interest on all social platforms. The background information or the meta description must include all the types of details supporting your title claim with respect to relevant images and the content links to your website as such. After completing all the formalities, you can monitor the responses from your target audience and if required clear their doubts when they leave a comment post on your channel.


So, if you have religiously followed all the above four steps then result will follow in terms of desired audience attention and of course increase in the follower or subscriber base. After one successful campaign is done and dusted then it must be repeated multiple times. Update your social profile on a regular basis so that you create more subscriber or followers which means it will add up to the link building process. This will ensure that you will have created more followers and links so that next time you update your social profile with a new social media campaign then you will get it across a much wider audience and in turn will get response from new surprise click-throughs as well.


To sum up our discussion in short, there’s no denying to the fact a smart social media handle if you used well, adds a value to carve out a successful SEO campaign. But it must not be viewed as a link building process but more of a promotional official handle to foster relationship with desired target audience that results in increase in the ROI to the company.

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