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Insights on social shopping and research process trends

According to a latest Social Shopping Study, many people now have integrated the various social media channels in all stages of the digital shopping process. The survey concludes that women are less likely than men to perform five of six designated social shopping activities. Continue reading

Selecting social sites to bookmark your content

Going social on the Web can help your site grow its online presence and boost credibility. Organic search ranks of your site, and your ability to run the business successfully and make money online. There are countless options when it comes to choosing one of those social bookmarking sites/ resources out there. Continue reading

How social media has empowered the consumer and what are its implications?

Consumers can now freely air their opinions and express their views on blogs, review sites, forums etc, leaving behind a trail of reactions corporate entities cannot afford to ignore. Even big brands and top-notch marketers are often made to sit up and take notice of the customer feedback on the Web. A host of social networks are providing users with a public platform to have a say. Continue reading

Basics of B2B social media marketing

Apart from ease of communication they offer, social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter have also served as a powerful launching pad for much bigger and more ambitious outfits. The connections made possible by the networking platforms are helping to create new businesses as well as promote existing ones irrespective of their scale and domain. Continue reading

Six basic facts of a sucessful social media foray for small businesses

Despite the fact that personalized or face-to-face networking with people at conferences or events is still powerful in creating your personal brand, social networking has emerged as an equally vital resource to build relationships with prospects and business stakeholders. Even as you carry on with your offline networking activities, it has now become mandatory to turn to innovative online tools, as they facilitate networking and make relationship building that much easier. Continue reading

Evaluating RoI of social media

There is a lot of debate lately about which social network is more valuable for business owners to undertake brand promotion, Facebook or Twitter. The talk revolves around Twitter followers and Facebook fans. As advertising budgets remain conservative owing to the aftereffects of recession, finding an answer to this question, in a way, represents the Holy Grail to evaluating the return on investment (RoI) of today’s all powerful social media. Continue reading

To engage your potential customers is crucial to Social media marketing

Social media marketing is definitely one of the most significant new trends in Web based retail promotion. Undoubtedly, it is productive and highly effective in building long-term customer relationships. It gives a better return on investment (RoI) than most other traditional marketing techniques. However, often, online merchants fail to realize its true essence. Continue reading

Important aspects of a successful SMO strategy

Social Media Optimization (SMO) now plays a major role in enhancing and expanding your business network across the World Wide Web. It is rightly believed that larger your customer base, the more business opportunities that you can explore. This will result in increased sales and higher profit margins. Ultimately, you enjoy a greater success! The key lies in leveraging social networks to create a buzz about your products/ services on regular basis. Here is how you can benefit from the popular and powerful social networking avenues to achieve the desired business goals: Continue reading

How are mobile platforms and devices getting ‘social media friendly’?

There are several new devices, platforms and applications being launched by leading mobile device makers and top telcos world over. They are keen to target youth audience on the go by providing exciting social networking features and affordable ways to access the networks through unified interface like Motorola’s Blur, Telstra’s Tribe and HTC’s Sense UI. We take a look at some of the recent social media friendly launches in the mobile world. Continue reading