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Reasons to seek expert advice for online reputation management

In today’s complex business scenario, you need to follow what the world is saying about you and your company. This allows you to grasp the customer sentiment and take necessary corrective steps, if required. When your brand is discussed both online and offline, you must carefully listen to the talk. Of course, the task is easier said than done because of its immense intricacies. Continue reading

Tips to deal with customer feedback

A negative review means you might have missed out on a great business opportunity, hence it is very important to respond to reviews – positive or negative. Timely response to online reviews is the right approach to learn from your mistakes and build business goodwill. You should be more careful while dealing with vocal or touchy customers. Review sites let business owners respond in private or in public to user reviews. Continue reading

Tips to manage business reputation on social media

Digital media now makes it very convenient for customers to post feedback. There are hundreds of different review sites and forums on which comments about you and your brand may appear. Unlike most other traditional modes of marketing, social media acts as a two-way ‘conversation’ platform. It is not only the businesses that can engage with their customers but the latter can also communicate with them as well as other customers. Continue reading

A vital cog in the online marketing campaigns wheels

The popular social networks and sites are providing the businesses with cost-effective ways to reach out to their customers and to accelerate the information flow. Growth in its usage is rapidly changing the whole media landscape across the globe. It has become an important channel for advertisers. Continue reading

What are implications of ignoring your online identity and image?

There are several examples of adverse publicity on the Web harming your credibility as an individual and also as a professional. And what if some miscreant starts posting something untoward about your brand time and again with no response from your side? This can only aggravate the whole situation. Lack of timely response can complicate the issue. Continue reading

Is your privacy and reputation under threat?

Not less than two billion Internet users’ collective intelligence, coupled with the digital fingerprints so many of them inadvertently leave on sites they check, together make it much more possible that every video, every photo, and every e-mail – inappropriate or indelicate – does get attributed to its origin, whether that particular source wishes it to be so or not. Continue reading

What are the steps to take when faced with negative publicity?

Social media is probably most effective and the most affordable channels of sales & lead generation. But it’s a double-edged sword that can also harm your business credibility owing to impending negative publicity from aggrieved users, if it’s not tackled in time. However, there is no magic formula to repair the damage done to your business credibility through adverse publicity. Such content simply cannot be erased or tucked under the carpet. Continue reading

Why does your company need to keep a tab on social media channels?

It has become imperative for emerging as well as established businesses cutting across domains to ensure an optimum usage of social media. Marketers need the relevant data regarding a business to understand the mindset of their prospects. However, they often wonder how to accomplish the complex task, especially considering its enormity. Continue reading

Why is it vital to align your online marketing strategy with review and search sites?

Online marketing has become very complex and challenging owing to a greater flow of information and choices available to prospects, who now have definitely turned more finicky. A host of review sites, forums and platforms are shaping or reshaping the way they engage with brands. In this context, it has become critical for businesses to monitor online conversation. Continue reading