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What’s the world’s most powerful professional social network up to?

A popular network for professionals, LinkedIn has managed to monetize its connections through its tremendous reach and power as a complete corporate recruitment platform. It has emerged as the ‘virtual rolodex’ for dynamic business people world over with close to 160 million members (a majority of them in their 30s and above). When you meet someone during a business meeting and if you forget to ask for business card, the most likely way of locating the person is the LinkedIn profile. Continue reading

Social sites drive sales this holiday season

This holiday season, a cross-section of retailers are increasingly turning to social sites like Facebook and Twitter to help people find and deliver their desired gifts. For example, big brands including Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Macy’s widely publicized their special Black Friday deals to their keen Facebook fans. Continue reading

Use social platforms to connect to clients and other businesses

Social networking platforms have emerged as a powerful avenue to reach your prospects, customers and other businesses. By leveraging the online tools, you can create a strong brand identity. It is indeed important to infuse your brand with a personal touch in virtual space to sustain its presence on the Web. Continue reading

Reasons to seek expert advice for online reputation management

In today’s complex business scenario, you need to follow what the world is saying about you and your company. This allows you to grasp the customer sentiment and take necessary corrective steps, if required. When your brand is discussed both online and offline, you must carefully listen to the talk. Of course, the task is easier said than done because of its immense intricacies. Continue reading

Key practical areas of social media marketing

A social media campaign, to put it succinctly, integrates different interactive tools and communication strategies into the many facets of marketing. Theory is no substitute for real-time experience and process of incorporating user-generated content (UGC), blogs and forums into a fine blend of online marketing. Continue reading

Tips to manage business reputation on social media

Digital media now makes it very convenient for customers to post feedback. There are hundreds of different review sites and forums on which comments about you and your brand may appear. Unlike most other traditional modes of marketing, social media acts as a two-way ‘conversation’ platform. It is not only the businesses that can engage with their customers but the latter can also communicate with them as well as other customers. Continue reading

Why Twitter is important to your business growth?

Social Media sites have become an integral part of modern life – personal or professional. Twitter is a popular social networking and microblogging service that enables the members to send and read messages of other users that are called ‘tweets’.  Cutting across distances, one can extend his or her thoughts to literally every corner of the world through Twitter. Now this makes it a really small world! Continue reading

The search engine giant tries to catch up with the social media leader

Google has made an attempt on many occasions in the past, albeit without much success at it, to take on the might of popular social networking platform and ride the new media wave. Of course, we all remember Google Buzz and then Orkut, or for that matter, Google Wave! Google is not going to give up so easily, it seems. Continue reading

Why cannot you ignore social media in your marketing mix?

Social Media sure has emerged as a must-use tool for most modern marketers, who are in search of effective ways and avenues of customer engagement. Today’s popular networking platforms provide both emerging and established, small and bigger brands with innovative channels to reach out to a wider audience in cost effective manner. Continue reading