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6 tips to build a solid social foundation for your organization

For businesses yet to avail of enterprise social networking, it is high time to do a rethink or else they face risk of losing their competitive advantage because internal collaboration along with cross-functional integration hold the key to efficient organizations in today’s competitive climate. A long-term approach to integration, mobility and community-building is critical to successful social networking within the workplace irrespective of geographical barriers. Continue reading

Wall Street firms boost social media presence to engage customers

Those intermittent dashes of deft market analysis served on social sites like Twitter and Facebook betting on a bullish phase or next wave of bear market are not impromptu thoughts from uninformed investors. Many are now in the form a prewritten post drawn from a comprehensive library of customized messages dispatched by financial advisers at leading Wall Street firms tapping into the fast-paced realm of social media. Continue reading

Pin-pointing a peculiar online phenomenon

The social media space, even when there’s talk of some saturation creeping in, actually continues to evolve at a rapid pace and in different ways. A prime example of this is Pinterest, a site not even two years old, now climbing up the popularity ladder by leaps and bounds. It has already found place among the top 10 sites in the category of Social Networking & Forums by the Hitwise. Continue reading

LinkedIn faces challenge from new social apps

Among niche online networking websites, LinkedIn is the one that stands out as probably the most popular one for meaningful professional connections. That distinct position has yielded it the staying power and a state of dominance. But now it is facing new challengers in form of specialized apps that have arrived on the horizon. Continue reading

A method for democratization of online influence

Imagine a situation in which we’re assigned and identified with a particular number, which suggest how influential we are or are not. It would help decide whether one receives a job, a guest-room upgrade or some free samples at a high-profile supermarket. In case your influence score happens to be low, you wouldn’t get the promotion, the swanky suite of your choice or the complimentary offers. If you think this is science fiction, pause for a moment; it’s actually the case with millions of online social network users. Continue reading

What can we expect on Search front this year?

What has the new year in store for marketers on SEO landscape that has undergone a dramatic change with the rising stature, power and reach of the social media. The search engine optimization techniques and strategies are bound to witness a further churning in 2012. What can one expect on this count? Are there any definitive trends to give us a clue? Let us try to find out as part of an academic exercise, which can also be handy in practical terms in setting the SEO agenda: Continue reading

A platform to discover & connect like-minded professionals

A new touch to the realm of professional networking has been provided by Zerply that works around the sharable profiles and fast connecting you to other users through tags and a rather easy system for endorsements. In a matter of few minutes, you can go through the process of creating a profile on it with a custom URL, which makes it convenient to share. Continue reading

Locate growth opportunities with business networking

If you have your eyes set on any business organization or company, be it Bank of America, Procter & Gamble or Time Warner, it’s definitely a good idea to be following their respective LinkedIn pages.  The networking platform sure has carved a niche for itself in social media arena with its utilitarian bent. Continue reading

Gleaning insights on your industry, domain and business

For any company in the arena of social networking, it is not that easy surviving – leave aside thriving – in the shadow of Twitter and Facebook. With millions of active users worldwide constantly connecting/ communicating with friends, exchanging photos, trading articles and videos, or simply whiling their time away on popular social games, the latter has pretty much dominated the landscape. Continue reading

Handy tools for social media marketing initiatives

There are wide array of useful services that present exciting opportunities for result oriented social media marketing. For example, with no hardware or software to install, you don’t at all need to wait to get going thanks to Salesforce. You are up & running and will notice a positive effect on your business soon.  Continue reading