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7 steps to ensure a good ROI from your ad campaign

To maximize your ROI as well as minimize your risk, your ad campaign should have a solid base. For this, you need to understand the specific domain needs. There is no magic formula or instant solution to creating attention-grabbing ads. Here are a few important things to keep in mind: Continue reading

How can you perk up your virtual profile?

Remember, an up-to-date and complete profile is far more likely to secure meaningful professional connections for you that can well result in a lucrative business deal.  Why not spruce it up and make it appear more contemporary and interesting? Here, we shall consider a few basic yet highly useful and practical tips for the purpose. Continue reading

Why is it vital to comply with Google arbitrage policy?

Site owners and webmasters often experience that their ads suddenly quit displaying for all ad groups as well as keywords even though they had little problem up until that point deriving clicks to meet their budget.  They believe that nothing actually has changed as far the landing pages are concerned, but for addition of new content posted. So why do they experience trouble? Continue reading

An expert aligns your campaign to broader business goals

The resource you choose for executing the key task should be able to make sure a PPC ad campaign not only offers high visibility, but also provides result oriented and desired exposure to your target audience. The idea is to see to it that your campaign is tuned to broader business goals – both in the short term and the long term. Continue reading

Which are the fundamental steps to set up an ad campaign?

It is pertinent to hire experts who will help you to run highly successful pay per click advertising campaigns. The process primarily involves buying sponsored advertising on search engines. This is another major source of online traffic that businesses can effectively tap to shore up their online presence. Continue reading

What are the ingredients of an efficient PPC campaign management?

It can be assumed that the resources judiciously utilized on PPC advertising can generate impressive ROI as the campaigns are invariably focused on potential clients. Of course, initial analysis is extremely vital to implement it efficiently. A well-laid, meticulous strategy acts as the backbone of the overall strategy and its implementation. Continue reading

Comparing Google and Microsoft trademark policies

A recent move on part of Microsoft to let advertisers bid on their competitors’ trademarks definitely needs a closer look. For the company, this particular step is likely to fetch higher revenue, as it opens up a popular new segment of key terms on adCenter platform and effectively bidding gets more intense on many of those trademarked brand terms in demand. Continue reading

Creating successful keywords to make your ads search friendly

Business site owners can resort to a several basic albeit effective techniques to make their keyword list. It holds the key to popularizing the site through domain specific searches. There are certain aspects to be kept in mind for creating keywords that will ensure that the target audience, as aspired by a small business, can find the site. Continue reading

Seven vital aspects related to potential impact of relevant keyword ideas

The Google Keyword Tool displays search data. The data may vary because of the ad group that a user has chosen, or whether the tool has been accessed from outside of his or her account.  The Competition column will give you an idea of how many advertisers are actually bidding for popular term/ phrase. This piece of information can help you decide how competitive a particular ad placement is. Continue reading