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Google initiates steps to enhance search

Google has taken a few more steps in a latest development as part of its endeavor to make search functionality even more powerful and intelligent. It’s largely about understanding the user, putting all the information they need right at their fingertips, grasping their exact intent so as to meet the vision of Larry Page, according to whom the near-perfect search engine is the one that precisely follows what a surfer means and then giving back him or her what is required as a logical outcome. Continue reading

Google calls it a publisher to defend against anti-competitive behavior

Can Google search be treated as an intermediary just like the phone company that simply connects people with bits of information they seek? Or is it a publisher akin to a newspaper, providing only the information it deems fit and is fully protected by the First Amendment? Apparently, there are enough reasons for the search major to want to be viewed as a mere connector; like any other Internet company, it can do away with responsibility for the material being transmitted by its worldwide users – a useful idea for rebutting copyright infringement or libel claims. Continue reading

Narrowing search results just to what you mean courtesy the Knowledge Graph

The search engine major is keen to produce sharper and smarter, quicker and more relevant results. The company has just introduced a dynamic new feature known as ‘Knowledge Graph’. a ‘graph’ that will understand real-world entities and their relationships to one another: things, not strings. The idea is to hone the user searches and offer them more focus, breadth, depth and detail. These are several different ways in which the Graph will enhance Google Search: Continue reading

New features from search engine giant for enhanced user experience

Keen to enhance the quality of its page ranking algorithm in an endeavor to provide more quality and informative websites to users cutting across domains and geographies. The search engine giant has been bringing about a series of changes to shore up its page ranking attributes, indexing methods, and a host of other features. We’ve already checked some of the search quality updates initiated by Google in the recent times, including country identification for pages; more domain diversity; local navigational search improvements; more local websites from organizations, and smoother ranking changes for fresh search results, among others. We review other changes that form part of the most recent enhancements: Continue reading

A quick recap of Google search quality updates

Describing it a zerg rush of launches that it had, Google has just listed some of the major changes effected by it in the recent times, including  its most recent algorithm improvement so as to help user reach more quality websites. And there is much more that the search engine giant has been up to like changes done in indexing, sitelinks, spelling and sports scores features. Here is a quick look the updated search quality highlights’ list: Continue reading

Implications of ‘contextual’ keyword-search technology to searchers and site owners

From Google’s Panda, Venice updates and Search Plus Your World, the search engine optimization landscape has indeed changed, in the last year or so. And while that will have an impact on your strategy, too, one thing, which remains the core to it, is keywords. They are still very much vital to your content and link oriented SEO strategies. There’s one change flowing down the Google sieve that will again change the scenario – semantic search and human element. Continue reading

Noteworthy 9 changes by Google to enhance search quality

As part of its recently released list of search quality highlights, Google has highlighted several 0 changes that have been gradually brought into effect to provide more comprehensive results. These include enhanced scoring of news groupings, sitelinks data refresh, better profile pages’ indexing, more pertinent image search results, and much more precise short albeit succinct answers among others. Here’s a quick look at of steps taken by Google to enhance overall quality of its search results: Continue reading

A personal rapport than a product-centric strategy works for Google

An interesting development at the beginning of the year bring out how emotional connect has become as important as interweaving ads, marketing strategy and content in the search and social realm. The idea seems not only to maximize revenue generating opportunities but also to make the products appear as an integral part of everyday life for people. With this in mind, Google has gradually made a shift in strategy. Continue reading

Pros and cons of the ‘Search plus Your World’ service

Google’s new weapon in its tussle with Facebook for dominance of the Web has drawn circumspect reactions. It’s step to include more of users’ personal information in their search results has wider connotations, experts point out. There are valid reasons to believe so. We give you a quick grasp its background and ramifications: Continue reading