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Google SERP Features You Should Know About

A SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is a page that displays the results of a search engine. SERP features are elements on the results page that are customized to each unique search and provide the most relevant information. When it comes to improving site content and determining which keywords to target, SERP features may be really useful to marketers.

It’s critical to be aware of these key SERP features:

Featured Snippets –

A featured snippet is a box on the SERP that shows an extract from one of the top ten organic results. The snippet can be in the form of a paragraph, a bulleted list, a numbered list, or a table, and it is served by Google when the search query shows an informative purpose.

Video Carousel –

Video carousel is Google’s answer to a question that it deems as having a visual/informational purpose. They’re typically seen in “how-to” searches, as well as other queries with a DIY or instructional meaning. Sometimes, the videos will have timestamps where the searcher’s questions are directly addressed.

Pack of images –

With an image pack, Google detects that the query contains visual intent and displays a carousel or panel of images relevant to the search phrase to the user. The easiest method to optimize for image packs is to make sure your graphics and information are appropriately tagged.

Results for shopping –

Another kind of sponsored Google ad is product listing ads. They display the item name, image, store, and price as well as any deals and reviews associated with it. This type of ad typically shows up at the top of a SERP, above the first organic result.

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