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5 secrets of successful social media conversation

Whether you are looking to build your own brand equity as a domain expert, your business identity as whole, or promote a specific product/ service in the social realm, your basic approach will remain the same. This holds true for each company or individual irrespective of their current standing. Social media is democratic in a sense that it offers equal opportunity to all to develop a strong and niche presence. It’s a powerful and cost effective avenue for increasing conversions, and further boosting sales as well as profits. Continue reading

Handy resources for real time social keyword search

When you want to gather or research semantic keywords relevant on the social web in real time, you can do so through social search. What you wish to find is how your prospects are using a particular term. Carefully look at the terms surrounding that key term and then determine how to make use of it for building your own set of semantic keywords. There are certain reliable avenues you may turn to keyword ideas. Continue reading

‘Fake’ profiles and ‘likes’ haunt Facebook

The issue of fake profiles has become disconcerting and discomforting for Facebook after a BBC investigation that suggests many companies might be wasting their precious resources on adverts, to draw ‘likes’ from the site members with no apparent interest in their services or products. It seems many of the account holders who happen to click on the links have even lied about their personal data. The social networking site claimed it had ‘no evidence of any significant problem’.  Continue reading

Identifying Influencers and lead generation with social media

While resorting to digital media in order to mobilize marketing initiatives, companies irrespective of size and domains resort to an array of powerful channels. In this context, social media is a must for marketers. Often they fail to grasp the true potential of networking channels from the point of view of customer engagement and constant communications. Continue reading

How are brands accounting for their dollars spent on Facebook ads?

For its part, world’s top social site Facebook has made repeated efforts to quell concerns of marketers about its ads’ effectiveness. The company started working with research firms Nielsen and comScore last year to offer tools, which let big businesses track their campaigns on the site. Nielsen, for instance, measures consumers who viewed an ad on Facebook and then compares them with a similar control group of site users who didn’t check the ad. It then would match that up against shopper data to grasp how ad exposure actually affected the sales. Continue reading

Ways and means to deal with miscreants online

People with malicious intentions make use of legitimate third-party applications at times to more easily spread spam, to abuse social site users. Twitter and Facebook agree that they cannot eliminate spam, but are stepping up efforts to make it tougher to set up and manage fake profiles. When the sites are suspicious of an account, they might ask its owner for a reliable identity proof or to identify their recent friends. Continue reading

False ‘bait’ page trick Facebook users into ‘clickjacking’

‘Clickjacking’ has emerged as a point of worry for Facebook. The world’s popular networking site, dealing with the hassles of spam, privacy and censorship issues, has allegedly suffered at the hands of a company based in Delaware that it claimed to have  reaped more than $1 milion a month by employing bogus pages hosted on the social network to coax users away to other sites. Continue reading

US law enforcement agencies seek an app to monitor social sites

The FBI, according to media reports, intends to step up the social networks’ monitoring, and sought more assistance to build an app to constantly watch the sites like Facebook and Twitter. The bureau has already published RFI (a request for information) looking for companies to frame an elaborate social site monitoring system. The proposed measure to increase the monitoring of communication on social networks has upset privacy advocates. Continue reading

Search giant fights charges of favoritism and breach of privacy

Google’s popularity revolves around its ability to let surfers find the right webpages. With the advent of social web, wherein users can check vast amounts of data largely off-limits to the former, its dominance has come into question. In its desperate bid to catch up to Facebook, the company is trying to amalgamate the best facets of both search and social. Continue reading

Key aspects of successful social media strategy

Social media has truly come of age, as its adoption by businesses around the world attests. Smaller corporate entities need to realize that smart usage of networking platforms can create massive scope for growth among existing as well as new markets and customers. However, those wading into the vast social media terrain unprepared sans advice and support of expert will likely find themselves overwhelmed by the speed and complexity they encounter. Continue reading