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Best Practices for Mobile Website Optimization

People are spending more and more time on their mobile phones than ever before. This new world of marketing has definitely taken everybody by storm. In fact, most one-third of the world’s total population uses their mobile devices to perform Internet searches. Take a look at some interesting data below. And it is even more fascinating to see how usage mobile varies between different parts of the world. Continue reading

4 reasons why your infographics are not working ?

We all have seen them, too many of them. At times, even felt overloaded with them. Ever wondered why inspite of good enough data, visual chunks and best graphic tools, your infographics are well, flop? If not done perfectly, they can fail terribly. In Part one of the  series, we talked about “Why every marketer should create infographics” , now let us figure out, why your infographics are not working.

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Infographics are “in” : Why every marketer should create infographics?

In this day and age, where new data is flowing in every day or perhaps every hour, we surely have more data than before, to comprehend. Statistical studies show that we create 1.5 billion pieces of content, 140 million tweets and 2 million videos, all in just ONE day! Isn’t that a huge number?

So how do you organize, assimilate and collate so much data? Do you bookmark, file it, take it down on your iPhones and iPads or just simply jot it down on your notepad? Hence, the concept of Infographics was introduced. Continue reading

DuckDuckGo – A New Search Engine to Look for!

If we look at the launch date of DuckDuckGo (25th Spetember, 2008), we would know it is not a ‘just born’ in the search world. But when it comes to awareness amongst people and the use of DuckDuckGo compared to other giant search engines, it is New.

Though new, this newbie is proving to be real competition to the widely used search engine platforms like Google and Bing. Here’s why — Continue reading

A meta-search engine for theme specific activities and unique travel ideas

There is always no better time than NOW to opt for a much-deserved break. When thinking of a travel plan, many people are keen to opt for something unconventional. Obviously, not every one of us seek serene sightseeing, and instead prefer an odd adventure for shaking off the lethargy. For such people, adrenaline sports are among the most thrilling options. But where to search for them? Continue reading

Features that make DuckDuckGo a capable search interface

Many prominent enterprises on the Web have tried to take on Google but have not really succeeded. There is an exception in the making, so to say. DuckDuckGo is probably about as small in size as an online venture can be. Its full-time employee count will take a few fingertips. Yet it has managed to build with one of the most powerful Google alternatives thus far. It does not involve maps, e-mail, social networking, or real-time results. Continue reading

A search tool with niche offers for globetrotters

A specialized, end-to-end travel-related search guide for content and services is a perfect online getaway for travelers, keen to crisscross the world. The core idea is to facilitate discovery of airline, hotel and other tourist-friendly options to find a good deal. A comprehensive and intuitive display that enables them to check and compare top travel websites is something globetrotters greatly appreciate. And this is where a niche travel search tool comes into play. Continue reading