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Achieve enhanced conversions with the Opportunities tab

In this blog post, we shall find out how the Opportunities tab can be of help to your site in terms of generating higher traffic volume and enhanced conversions. Basically, it tries to find ways of bringing about reasonable changes, which could have a positive impact on your AdWords account once you opt to implement the suggested changes. Continue reading

Seven parameters of an acceptable and non-acceptable sites for Google AdWords

Once you modify your site in order to accurately and realistically convey the typical advantages of your product, your site can be re-reviewed. What are the parameters of an acceptable site and which is a non-acceptable one for Google AdWords that it might prohibit? Continue reading

Six core elements of Google adwords campaign management

The biggest benefit that Google adwords management as part of any PPC campaign offers is its being a very specific mode of direct advertisement. Not merely those interested in your product or services check the advertisement, but they also are more likely to convert. These users are obviously looking for practical information on your domain and are prompted to act on basis of the information provided. Continue reading

Consider business domain and target audience requirements for your ad campaign set-up

There is always further scope for improvement in a PPC campaign. And the best possible way of checking of what exactly is working and what probably isn’t is to test the effectiveness of PPC campaigns, respective ad groups, ad text and site landing pages on a frequently basis. Continue reading

Five reasons to seek expert advice for your Internet marketing

In order to effectively popularize and market your business site, you should not only be able to fetch the requisite traffic, but also to achieve the desired conversions by efficiently tapping into your customer base. For this, you need to employ a combination of various tools and strategies such as SEO,  email marketing, and PPC. Continue reading

Tracking your keyword performance in an ad campaign

Evaluating ad performance becomes easier with a comprehensive report that allows you to view pertinent data for all your ads, such as average position, CTR, cost, clicks as well as impressions. If you’ve a couple of ads in a group, they will typically be rotated. It is important to see how your key terms are generally doing to make modifications if and when it’s necessary. Continue reading

Basics of an effective Google AdWords campaign

For ensuring a successful Google AdWords campaign, the key is to sticking to the basics and also knowing what exactly your target audience expects from you. Highlight those aspects in your campaign. Once you spell out your goals, leveraging the powerful tool becomes that much easier. As is evident, with AdWords, what ultimately matters is the result your ad campaign produces in terms of increase in your sales, leads, subscriptions, downloads and ROI. Continue reading

How to ensure that your ad is targeted to the right audience?

One important advantage of Google AdWords is that your budget parameters will define the maximum limit for your average daily spend – spread over a period of one month by modifying it as frequently as you wish. Keep in mind the fact that the ads, which are clear, compelling and specific, will more convince online users to click them so that they buy your products and services. Continue reading

Expand your reach through the Display Network

The Google Display Network can help efficiently access users across the web world. It allows you to drive conversions. You may select from varied formats like text, image, and video for the purpose of communicating your message. You can thus expand your reach. The way you achieve your end goal is not that complex. Continue reading