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Google looks to dominate social media marketing with a new acquisition

Google is pushing its huge advertising business empire. The company has just announced that it is set to take over a social media marketing entity, for an undisclosed amount. Founded about four years ago, Wildfire works in the domain of helping brands manage their ambitious social campaigns across networks like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. It has, for record, roughly 16,000 customers. They include Spotify, Amazon, Unilever and Virgin. Continue reading

Identifying Influencers and lead generation with social media

While resorting to digital media in order to mobilize marketing initiatives, companies irrespective of size and domains resort to an array of powerful channels. In this context, social media is a must for marketers. Often they fail to grasp the true potential of networking channels from the point of view of customer engagement and constant communications. Continue reading

Social side of the CRM landscape

With mobility on the go and increased interaction within the community and with the brand itself, two factors that have become extremely important are a proactive social engagement and coherent customer experience. With social becoming the new norm, it’s in the skilled usage of analytics that smaller businesses are likely to win more customers and retain competitive advantage over their immediate rivals. Continue reading

Six steps to boost your social media presence

Implementing social media strategies in a well-planned manner is extremely important from the point of view of building awareness about your key products and services. It is necessary to connect with the prospects on Facebook and Twitter. Understandably, several small businesses are looking for reliable means to help monitor and effectively respond to their core customer base in order to fortify the social presence on the Internet. Continue reading

Five key elements of a successful digital retail strategy

Black Friday, Green Monday, Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday, Blue Thursday – there are so many special holiday shopping in the season. The reason is that probably no other time of the year is more vital to retailers’ bottom line than the keenly awaited holiday gift-giving season. For a majority of them, it represents 25-40% of annual sales. Continue reading

Key practical areas of social media marketing

A social media campaign, to put it succinctly, integrates different interactive tools and communication strategies into the many facets of marketing. Theory is no substitute for real-time experience and process of incorporating user-generated content (UGC), blogs and forums into a fine blend of online marketing. Continue reading

How to establish a strong brand identity on social media?

Most marketers now realize the fact that they need to employ and leverage social media sites. But this realization on their part does not necessarily mean they get their strategy right and implement their plan in the best possible ways. Certain apprehensions, concerns and misconceptions stop them from effective social media usage, thus preventing maximization of its potential. Continue reading

Elements critical to building your brand’s trust quotient

Social Media is now a must-use tool for modern marketers, lookinst g for effective ways and means of customer engagement. Popular social networks provide emerging as well as established brands with new ways of reaching out to a wider audience in the most cost effective manner. Continue reading

Monitor the correctness of a social media campaign

It is important to realize that social media usage is something that demands skill and experience. The individuals in charge of it must be proficient in dealing with real time reactions. They should understand the ethos and philosophy of a company, which then need to be communicated to the target audience. Continue reading