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Google’s never ending woes list continues to pile up after every other algorithm update and much of that can be attributed to its own monogamous approach in trying to compete with everyone.

After the iOS App indexing fiasco, it’s turn of the cloud-based web development platform called, which is currently not being indexed and ranked by Google. In fact, most of the Wix-powered websites have been at the receiving end of Google.

Wix is a 2006 born Israel-based popular low-cost website builder tool, which allows many SME’s and professionals to create HTML5 websites and mobile friendly sites through its online drag and drop tools.

The problem was detected about a couple weeks back, which has been confirmed by Google’s John Mueller in its recent blog post, saying, “We took an in-depth look at the setup on these sites, and we’re working on resolving things here on our side in the meantime. Sorry for the hassles that this has caused in the meantime. One thing that you might notice is that we’ll be recrawling these sites a bit faster to get the dropped pages back into the index a bit faster.”

Moreover, Google’ Eric Kuan rhymed in about the matter at hand saying “It seems that your issue is a related issue with many other Wix users.”

The underlying problem might have arisen because Wix websites are pretty much loaded with AJAX/JavaScript and the issue cropped up due to some technical changes made by Google in its algorithm updates or something gone a miss with

Having said that, if you have just recently subscribed to Wix’s web development services then you’ll have to wait a bit for Google’s webmaster to completely fix up the indexing issue.

In the meantime, Wix users can monitor their index count via Google Search Console and can give their valuable feedback on the web indexing issue in several such discussion forums.

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