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6 tips for successful social media engagement

A vast number of Facebook ‘Likes’ generated on your profile page will be of little consequence, unless you are able to initiate meaningful interaction with your prospects. In fact, broader purpose of your social media interactions should be to involve users, understand their aspirations and work towards fulfilling their needs instead of simply indulging in self-promotion and boosting your online presence. We shall discuss a few ideas to impart more depth to them and enhance their intrinsic value. Continue reading

Ideas to use timeline features for professional gains

As has already been reported, Facebook is gradually taking the Timeline to all its users. The new enhanced Timeline profile format also makes the popular social networking channel much more job-search friendly. It’s a resume, after all, when you pause and carefully look at it. From the cover image right at the top to the subsequent chronological organization, your Facebook profile effectively is a professional image booster, making it extremely relevant from your career point of view. So what does this really mean for prospective job seekers? Let us try to find out! Continue reading

Tips to manage business reputation on social media

Digital media now makes it very convenient for customers to post feedback. There are hundreds of different review sites and forums on which comments about you and your brand may appear. Unlike most other traditional modes of marketing, social media acts as a two-way ‘conversation’ platform. It is not only the businesses that can engage with their customers but the latter can also communicate with them as well as other customers. Continue reading

Removing social media misconceptions

Social media is considered an undisputed powerful tool when it comes to influencing major purchasing decisions across the Web. Many businesses still are apprehensive to employ social media channels largely owing to some myths that they tend carry about these avenues. I already have tried to clear some of these myths. Here are a few more of them that must be removed once and for all. Continue reading

Will Google’s social media foray click with the users?

Media analysts feel Facebook users are not likely to simply duplicate and deploy their close network of friends on Google+. It is unlikely they will post to both networking sites, but they could possibly utilize them for engaging in different types of communication – official or personal. The latter could succeed in attracting Facebook holdouts who might have been feeling not too comfortable revealing and sharing (personal details) too publicly. Continue reading

Capital-raising on niche networks: How it works?

When a recent college graduate was keen to renovate his family’s shop located in Honolulu, the first option this aspiring entrepreneur thought of was a niche social network to muster funds and other resources. Bronson Chang opted to leverage his social network account for the purpose via a ‘crowdfunding’ site, instead of approaching banks to seek a loan. Continue reading

Online resources to help entrepreneurs

As we are all aware, LinkedIn is a must-use resource for professionals either searching for a lucrative job opportunity, or looking to network with other like-minded individuals.  The networking platform offers many openings for emerging or even established entrepreneurs. Let us now consider some more popular social networks to fast-track your budding business on the path of success and prosperity.
Continue reading

Mistakes to be avoided while building your presence on social media

There are certain basic mistakes that should be avoided while planning and implementing your social media strategy. I shall be discussing a couple of them here so that you can stay away from these. The aspects may not appear very critical, but they do make a difference at the practical level since members of social networking sites can react to even seemingly trivial aspects that can become a full-blown crisis. Also, your competitors will instantly pounce on the opportunity. Continue reading

The relevance of B2B social media marketing

Promoting a new or even established brand through all-pervasive and popular social media channels is no longer a novelty — it simply has become the norm. From taco trucks to Starbucks, the usage of platforms like Twitter and Facebook is common. They are proficiently employed to spread awareness and enhance insight about a business among customers. The usage of social media channels between businesses is another key area. Continue reading