Monthly Archives: August 2011

Five tenets of successful affiliate marketing

Any affiliate marketing program to be successful will take some time and thought. It needs to build itself on a solid footing. And once it gets going, with constant monitoring and modifications, it harbors a huge potential to boost your Internet driven sales and increase revenues noticeably. Continue reading

How to choose the right affiliate program?

Many individuals and institutions venture into affiliate marketing, but only a small percentage of them are successful because a majority of marketers either seek quick results or fail to get their basics right. What are the criteria or the characteristics of a good affiliate program? Continue reading

More tips for running a successful affiliate program

There is always an impending possibility of your business may be left behind, always struggling to catch up with your competitors, if you are complacent in devising and implementing your affiliate action plan. Remember, it takes time, effort and some experimentation to figure out the most user-friendly mix of affiliate ads. Continue reading

How to maximize the gains out of your referral links?

What holds the key to maximize your revenue flow with pay-for-performance is engaging your target group. Affiliates are paid only when a specific event takes place or a desired tangible action is performed like an actual purchase or a transaction, newsletter signing up etc. Until you have prompted users to act, the program won’t be successful. Continue reading

Eight tips to stay tuned to the dynamic affiliate marketing domain

You can make optimum use of the affiliate avenue whether you are managing a Web based platform, hosting content, or engaging new environments to market your products and services. There is an array of New Publisher models being released on a regular basis. The key is how you manage to stay tuned to the current trends and developments so that no new publisher opportunities are missed? Continue reading

Stay tuned to the rapidly changing dynamics of marketing

It goes without saying that the World Wide Web has emerged as the prime purchase path for a growing number of consumers. For a small business owner, operating in the online space, it is extremely important to keep pace with the latest developments and trends. Continue reading