Monthly Archives: October 2011

Ideas to successfully leverage a business networking site

There are different aspects of leveraging a business networking site like LinkedIn for growing your business and be assured of a decent ROI.  Apart from boosting the sales, a consistent relationship building exercise can also enhance your credibility as a domain leader as well as the marketability of your brand. Continue reading

A platform to discover & connect like-minded professionals

A new touch to the realm of professional networking has been provided by Zerply that works around the sharable profiles and fast connecting you to other users through tags and a rather easy system for endorsements. In a matter of few minutes, you can go through the process of creating a profile on it with a custom URL, which makes it convenient to share. Continue reading

How to build your identity on business networking sites?

It is imperative for managers and leaders to highlight their professional excellence as well as create a buzz about businesses they are associated with by leveraging a professional networking site.  Your LinkedIn profile is in effect, a logical extension of your fledgling brand identity. Continue reading

Use social platforms to connect to clients and other businesses

Social networking platforms have emerged as a powerful avenue to reach your prospects, customers and other businesses. By leveraging the online tools, you can create a strong brand identity. It is indeed important to infuse your brand with a personal touch in virtual space to sustain its presence on the Web. Continue reading

How can you perk up your virtual profile?

Remember, an up-to-date and complete profile is far more likely to secure meaningful professional connections for you that can well result in a lucrative business deal.  Why not spruce it up and make it appear more contemporary and interesting? Here, we shall consider a few basic yet highly useful and practical tips for the purpose. Continue reading

Understanding finer aspects of an A/B test variables

The important thing is to understand when to employ A/B or multivariate tests on basis of the end result that you are seeking. Trying out different test formats on different landing pages (or different offers) can be a good way to attain your goals. This obviously will need expert inputs. Continue reading

What is the prerequisite to attaining successful site conversion optimization?

If you are keen to increase online leads and business from your site, the analysis techniques along with best practice approaches are of prime importance. It is important to make your online campaigns more effective and more precise through routing users to the most relevant pages for generating higher sales. Continue reading

How the Facebook brand page will facilitate a more meaningful interaction?

With a new Facebook brand page, the focus will now shift to telling an authentic story that users can relate to for them to identify with the brand. The purpose of communication now will be to convey what is it that makes your product or business stand apart, and strike an emotional chord with your loyal fans through exclusive news, blooper videos, behind-the-scenes action photos, real-time mobile images and sound clips. Continue reading

The contexts and contours of brand interactions likely to change on the social site; here’s how!

There have been extreme reactions to Facebook Timeline changes. For instance, a post by media expert Zack Whittaker (A ‘stalker’s paradise’ – Mass exodus on the way?) concludes that Facebook’s new feature could be the nail in the coffin in an ever-growing pressure of privacy issues to hit the networking site. However, brands are more likely to gain in terms of user engagement. Let us look into both these aspects. Continue reading