Monthly Archives: November 2011

Five essential ingredients of successful video SEO

Google’s keenness to rank videos higher in SERPs has enabled websites with quality video content to climb up the search ladder fast by scoring well in the Google index. A Forrester Research found concludes that videos were more likely to get an organic first-page ranking than traditional webpages. Continue reading

Fine tune your search strategy for smartphones

Mobile SEO should be on your agenda one way or the other, as the devices has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, including infotainment, search, research and purchasing – offline and online. An optimized site for cellphones and tablets will allow you to leverage the search activity done on them. Here are some handy ideas to ensur that your ‘Mobile SEO’ exercise is efficient and successful: Continue reading

Practical ideas to optimize your videos

As most of us would readily agree, half of the job, when it comes to optimization, is making quality content – text, visual, audio or video- whereas the other half of it is the steps you take after uploading the content and how you facilitate its discovery. The key is to make your website search engine friendly as well as user friendly. Continue reading

Key elements of your mobile SEO analytics strategy

Marketers now realize that the fast-growing ‘mobile’ users’ specific requirements and demands must be fulfilled for best possible customer engagement. An effort also must be made to leverage the SEO benefit and the conversions gains from the wireless revolution. In this context, which are some of the things to do to avoid mobile search transcoding? And how to perform mobile SEO? Continue reading

How to ensure more pageviews and improved conversions ‘on the go’

A section of site owners, especially those with sketchy knowledge of SEO tend to treat mobile SEO as a separate facet of the optimization activity and that mobile search results page rank can be improved to draw more traffic from wireless device users by using special techniques. However, the fact is that there’s almost little or no difference between mobile search results and web results. Continue reading

Search major strives to provide more recent, relevant results

Google has unveiled a set of improvements in its powerful search algorithm. The changes are aimed at helping it better decide when and how to give people more relevant and up-to-date results. Numerous scientists, engineers and analysts associated with the search engine major continuously work on further refining search results, and with a good reason at that. Here’s why… Continue reading

A checklist before you go ahead and upload your video to YouTube

Creating great visual content is, without an iota of doubt, one of the most important ingredients in the recipe to success. However, even having the most reader friendly, dynamic and interactive material on the site will not ensure online visibility, if you have not optimized it properly for search results. Which are the basic things that you keep in mind when you decide to upload your video to a popular networking site like YouTube? Continue reading

Aspects that hold key to video content SEO

Videos allow people to digest the information sans devoting as much time as if they were to go through the entire text on the same topic. Just having a visitor stick around to see your uploaded video will keep him or her glued to the webpage for a longer while. This is the main advantage of live visual content, helping you in lead generation and conversions! It is important that each video on your site is optimized. Continue reading