Monthly Archives: April 2012

New matching behavior option introduced in AdWords campaign  

Taking into the fact that not all people are perfect spellers or can inadvertently make mistakes while typing out words, Google AdWords has come up with a new setting that primarily focuses on user intent irrespective of a misspelling, especially in longer queries. According to Google, about 7 percent of total search queries consist of a misspelling, major and minor. In fact, the longer and complex the query, the greater the chances of a mistake! Continue reading

Likely ‘takeover candidates’ with significant social value – II

After Facebook has successfully completed a deal with Instagram, which site will be the next line? And which of the most prominent tech startups launched in the last couple of years or so, are most likely to be in demand for the significant social value that they can bring to the parent company? Continue reading

Which are the obvious takeover candidates in social arena? – I

After Facebook has snapped up the mobile-driven photo app Instagram, followed by a San Francisco-based startup ‘TagTile’, social media experts are speculating over the next target that might be on the radar of tech giants – as part of their multi-million buyout lists. Here’s a quick review of popular second-rung social services that are probably up for grabs: Continue reading

Why rich snippets are must for every website?

Let’s face the facts: Being ranked high in search engine results pages (SERPs) is nice but more often than not are no longer enough to ensure a successful online marketing effort. RICH SNIPPETS is a design which provides the searcher with more useful and informative search results. Rich snippets are part of increasingly enhanced SERPs designed to help users make decisions before they click. Continue reading

Wall Street firms boost social media presence to engage customers

Those intermittent dashes of deft market analysis served on social sites like Twitter and Facebook betting on a bullish phase or next wave of bear market are not impromptu thoughts from uninformed investors. Many are now in the form a prewritten post drawn from a comprehensive library of customized messages dispatched by financial advisers at leading Wall Street firms tapping into the fast-paced realm of social media. Continue reading

Tips to manage your search marketing campaigns on Microsoft-Yahoo ad platform

Yahoo search users in Britain, France and Ireland will start seeing ads from Microsoft’s adCenter from next week onwards, as the two tech companies reach the final lap of long-due transition in form of the MSFT-Yahoo search alliance in Europe. And as part of it, search advertisers still on Yahoo! platform in these countries will be required to migrate to the latter, since Yahoo Search Marketing accounts there will soon denote read-only status. Continue reading

Google updates webmaster tools

Google has made some major changes to its Webmaster Tools that affect who and how you can view data for your site.

Firstly, Google has added a highly requested feature that allows you to grant other users different levels of access to your Webmaster tools account.

Continue reading