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8 less tangible albeit key metrics to qualify a link prospect

There are certain less tangible hints, which an epic link builder should learn to draw on. We shall consider some of them aspects, which can tell you a lot about the website, its quality and the extent of its SEO friendliness as well as its willingness to link up. There are aspects, such as domain and URL structure, knowing if the website is canonicalized, and frequency of content updates, among others, to look out for. Continue reading

Developing search capability is crucial for Facebook

Recently Lars Rasmussen, director (Facebook Engineering), stated that it made little sense to enter web search. “I cannot predict as what will happen but I do not think it is sensible for us to even start thinking at this stage about doing web search,” he added. Leveraging Facebook’s enormous repository of data fueled by its millions of users is a challenging task. Continue reading

Google initiates steps to enhance search

Google has taken a few more steps in a latest development as part of its endeavor to make search functionality even more powerful and intelligent. It’s largely about understanding the user, putting all the information they need right at their fingertips, grasping their exact intent so as to meet the vision of Larry Page, according to whom the near-perfect search engine is the one that precisely follows what a surfer means and then giving back him or her what is required as a logical outcome. Continue reading

Facebook takes a new ‘gamble’, draws criticism

Bingo Friendzy, a new application developed by Gamesys, the UK-based online gambling firm was introduced yesterday morning on Facebook. It lets players stake cash amount in 90 bingo as well as slot machine games.  It has though, prompted some anger from the country’s Christian groups, many of whom called on the Authority of Advertising Standards to act. The app is being marketed with catchy cartoon graphics that feature, apparently compared to those on the highly popular children’s social networking platform, Moshi Monsters. Continue reading

Twitter struggles to balance out freedom of users and interests of brands

Twitter has had a difficult time in spite of the site playing such an important role in the London Olympic Games thus far, giving sports lovers unparalleled insights and information of the events, athletes’ village, the Games’ sidelights. The networking site was forced to apologize after suspending British journaltis Guy Adams’s account. He had criticized coverage of the Games by NBC during the Opening Ceremony, in particular. Adams allegedly ‘publicized’ the corporate email ID of the president of NBC Olympics, Gary Zenkel, in one of his tweets. Continue reading

Establishing the link between bounce rate and conversion

It is wrong to assume that bounce rate is the only defining parameter that will tell you everything as far as conversions are concerned. Say what if, users are regularly hitting your landing page and then moving to the Help section instead of purchasing a product? Or may be that they are using the search box instead of clicking an article? In such a scenario, the bounce rate will be a low, but that will be deceptive. Why so? We shall find out. Continue reading

Does your landing page reflect your prospects’ aspirations?

You might have everything that you can think of, well in place that are essential for making a perfect landing page – relevant traffic sources, usability etc – and still suffer from satisfactory user engagement metrics. The missing link perhaps is perhaps your failure to talk to users in the right way. To elaborate, you should know exactly what they’re looking for on a landing page? Is convenience their priority? Or are they more price conscious than quality conscious? And what are your immediate competitors emphasizing about their product portfolio? Where does your brand stand? Continue reading

Why ad targeting is tough and what does it take?

Microsoft just recently stated that it was taking a whopping $6.2 billion writedown owing to the unsuccessful aQuantive acquisition. This bit of news, and the closer scrutiny of Facebook business model post their IPO rumblings, suggest that, in the realm of online advertising, it’s basically all about the targeting. Continue reading

Implications of new Google notifications regarding inbound links

Many website owners employ Google’s webmaster console to check how the site is doing. The search engine giant has just begun sending out new messages to sites showing a peculiar pattern of unnatural links pointing towards them. This post is for giving more context to these new messages being dispatched.
Continue reading

Google looks to dominate social media marketing with a new acquisition

Google is pushing its huge advertising business empire. The company has just announced that it is set to take over a social media marketing entity, for an undisclosed amount. Founded about four years ago, Wildfire works in the domain of helping brands manage their ambitious social campaigns across networks like Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. It has, for record, roughly 16,000 customers. They include Spotify, Amazon, Unilever and Virgin. Continue reading