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5 top features of Google AdWords for YouTube video

Attracting nearly 800 million monthly visitors across the globe, YouTube is a powerful and popular advertising platform. As we are all aware, a successful viral video can propel a new product or service to new peaks of popularity. For top global brands, it’s akin to marketing during the Super Bowl. To help even smaller businesses aim it big with video, the social site has introduced a slew of tools and enhancements.

Significantly, Google AdWords for video is easily and freely available to all. A concept almost similar to search advertising wherein site owners pay for clicks and set specific budget limits with individual bids – this format for video advertising ensures that a business will only pay when someone opts to see an advertisement. Let us check the key features of Google AdWords for video:

1. Effectively reach the prospects

Professional YouTube users can create, manage and monitor their ad campaigns from the same platform as search and display ads. It is possible to create an account and begin promoting videos in less than even 5 minutes. AdWords for video has been so devised as to help businesses find the right target audience. It offers a wide range of options for reaching the prospects.

2. Reach people on YouTube and Display Network

For instance, your video can be promoted by keyword to surface in search results of YouTube. You can also choose to display your ad against content that your user base is most interested in, like music or sports. The idea is to help connect with your audience present on both YouTube and the Google Display Network. AdWords for video will link to a brand’s YouTube account, so marketers can start a video campaign with existing videos.

3. Pay only for actual views

Importantly, as stated above, the advertisers will not be required to pay when viewers skip an ad. They will only be charged for those videos viewers opt to see, so the campaign spend is aligned to only engaged views from visitors interested in a particular video. By showing a call-to-action overlay on a video, marketers can mention of a sale or specific offer, share more product details, talk about business. Owners can thus be assured of more meaningful traffic to a site, resulting in higher conversion rates.

4. Easy ways to track ROI

Another important feature is the scope for measuring the effectiveness in terms of your ROI. On average, the site claims that video ads on it drive a 20% rise in traffic to a site and a 5% rise in searches for an online business. Brand managers can know how viewers are actually engaging with a brand during and after watching an ad thanks to AdWords for video. They can check the number of viewers who have watched an entire video, who have visited a site, who have lingered around on a channel to view another video, or those who have subscribed to it, after seeing an ad.

5. Free credit for new advertisers

The video sharing site is giving away an amount of $50 million in free Google AdWords ad program so as to help businesses enter the visual domain. Those new to AdWords can get a credit of $75 after signing up, with which their video campaign can easily reach over 1,500 of customers on YouTube for a month.