A Step-by-Step Guide to have a Successful YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube Channel and then promoting it, is the need of the hour. Why? Because:

a) YouTube exceeds 2 billion views a day

b) Over 3 million people share YouTube videos on various sites in a day

c) More than 400 tweets per minute are linked to YouTube videos

d) People who come to watch just 1 video end up watching 7 to 15 videos

e) And last but not the least, it affects the search engine results. For example,


As you can see in the above image, due to the number of views YouTube gets in a day, YouTube results are also shown in the search results by Google. And watching a short video is always preferred than reading content. So, here are some ways how to promote your YouTube channel, as just creating one would not give you any rewards.

  1. Customize/Brand your Page: This, in a way, would create a factor of trust in your viewers. As with 48 hours of upload per minute, it is difficult to know which video is uploaded by the company itself and is trustworthy. The customized/branded page lets people know that you are the real source and can be trusted.

  2. As you can see in the above image, with a customized YouTube Channel, you can give all the required details of the company on the channel itself.

  3. Do not Forget to INTRODUCE YOURSELF: After creating a YouTube channel, no matter how famous a brand you are, it is important to have an introductory video of your company. Do not forget, with a YouTube channel, there are no geographical restrictions now. You will be reaching the global audience. So, introduce yourself and welcome each and everyone who shows interest in your company

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPgxr69d1U0

  5. Create High-Quality Videos: Better the quality of your videos, more viewers you will have. And more number of subscribers, too. How does it feel when you find a relevant video after a lot of search and then when the video starts, it just pixelates? Or you just cannot hear the narration? It is disappointing, right? Do not disappoint your viewers. Remember, if you do they may never come back.

  6. Have a Descriptive Headline with a Short Description: Now, descriptive headline does not mean it should be lengthy. It should, in short, give a clear view of your video. For example, if your video is about integrating Twitter and Facebook and you give a heading,
    say, ‘Social Media Tips’, then it will not only be misleading but will also lose views.

  7. Next comes the description. Many people think that lengthier the description, the better number of views videos will get. This is a misconception. Have a short, yet crisp description of your video.


  8. Have Videos related to your Business: Sometimes, businesses start their YouTube Channel but do not have much content to post. At times like these, do not panic. It is alright not to post videos that feature and talk only about your company. Doing this may actually lose viewers. It is hence advised to have industry-related videos. Suppose, you are into e-commerce industry, then post latest industry updates on your channel. It will certainly give people a reason to come back to your channel.

  9. Embed Videos from your Channel on your Website: Your customers/clients will not know about your YouTube Channel unless and until you tell them. Embedding videos on your website is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways of promoting your channel.

  10. Post Videos to your Social Networking Sites: This is another cost-effective way to promote your YouTube Channel. Make sure you do not post each and every video to your social networking sites. Selective ones would work the best to increase the viewership.

  11. ASAP’ is the Key – As Short as Possible: Yes, you heard it right. Have short videos. People often do not have time to watch long videos. So, it is recommended to have just the required information in the video and then – Cut it Short!

  12. Allow Viewers to Promote: Last, but not the least. You have done your part, now allow people to do theirs. Have a ‘Share’, ‘Tweet’, ‘Embed’ and have every option that allows them to do everything they can on the net with your video. Let them blog it, Stumble it or Diggit. Have as many options as you can. This will help your videos go VIRAL.

  13. Have a Series of Videos: A series of videos will give you repeated viewers – in other words, a loyal viewership just like brands have repeated (loyal) customers. These videos can be related to each other or a single video can be divided into parts where you can engage viewers by asking them to predict the remaining part of the video or by asking them to post their views on the video.

Hope these tips were useful to you. Good Luck with your YouTube Channel. If you have any other tips, you can share those with us by commenting below. Want the experts to promote your YouTube Channel?

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