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Are Twitter’s mobile ads starting to click?

Twitter is showing some early signs of success in terms of monetization, selling advertising on major mobile devices. It’s an area, which has been bedeviling most leading Internet companies like Facebook and Google. The social site on most days is now being able to generate the chunk of its revenue from ads displayed to its users on mobiles and other gadgets on the move, rather than from those on, according to company executives. Continue reading

6 key features of customizable Blekko search results

To enhance search results, Blekko seeks participation of users and expert editors. People can invite others to edit their own slashtags that in a way leverage the expertise of all the community members. Revolving around hundreds of highly topical slashtags meticulously curated by experts, the engine also allows users to create their own slashtags with the sites the trust, apart from those provided by the engine to dig out the best possible websites. Continue reading

A search tool with niche offers for globetrotters

A specialized, end-to-end travel-related search guide for content and services is a perfect online getaway for travelers, keen to crisscross the world. The core idea is to facilitate discovery of airline, hotel and other tourist-friendly options to find a good deal. A comprehensive and intuitive display that enables them to check and compare top travel websites is something globetrotters greatly appreciate. And this is where a niche travel search tool comes into play. Continue reading

Dabbling in personal analytics for customized search

In today’s technology driven and Web-oriented world, all of us are bound to accumulate a vast load of data about ourselves and our lives – including searches, e-mails, quick posts, and other forms of communications – both offline and online.  Can all this information – public and personal – be organized into a database and analyzed to tell us something more meaningful about our own selves? Continue reading

Betting big on sharing of educational videos to attract educators

Educators world over are taking a fresh look at YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing site, long viewed by them more as a repository of videos purely for branding, marketing and entertainment than one disseminating any serious knowledge. To remove the ‘misconception’, its parent company Google has been for quite some time fine-tuning and promoting a portal that will encourage schools to let students access informative visual content. Continue reading

Why is Blekko rising up the charts so fast?

By the end of this month, traffic to Blekko is expected to almost quadruple since the beginning of January 2012. The site has witnessed a 337% rise in unique visitors – unique IPs checking in at 5.33 million so far this month from just around 1.58 million of them in December, which is indeed a dramatic rise for a not-so-famous search engine! According to research agency comScore, it now gets nearly triple the traffic of DuckDuckGo. The search company has its own logic and reasons to explain an impressive set of numbers. Continue reading

Dealing with security problems, the Google way!

Google has reportedly decided to raise its bounty on tricky software bugs, which hackers look to exploit for launching cyber attacks on its services. The search engine giant has just recently marked its Vulnerability Reward Program’s anniversary, possibly among the few permanent tools of its type for protecting web properties. This proactive collaboration with the broader security research community has met with an enthusiastic and spontaneous response since its launch. Continue reading

Which are the obvious takeover candidates in social arena? – I

After Facebook has snapped up the mobile-driven photo app Instagram, followed by a San Francisco-based startup ‘TagTile’, social media experts are speculating over the next target that might be on the radar of tech giants – as part of their multi-million buyout lists. Here’s a quick review of popular second-rung social services that are probably up for grabs: Continue reading

Wall Street firms boost social media presence to engage customers

Those intermittent dashes of deft market analysis served on social sites like Twitter and Facebook betting on a bullish phase or next wave of bear market are not impromptu thoughts from uninformed investors. Many are now in the form a prewritten post drawn from a comprehensive library of customized messages dispatched by financial advisers at leading Wall Street firms tapping into the fast-paced realm of social media. Continue reading

Small Business – Which social media platforms can enhance your brand value?

Social networking sites has in itself become a business today. With every Tom Dick and Harry trying to make money out of this new trend, there are some sites that have left their mark in our lives.

As an entrant in the industry, any it may be, one always is in need to spread the word among the target audience and get loyal customers without having to spend much. True, isn’t it?

Continue reading