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Elements that hold the key to successful link building

In order for a dynamic blog or a quality website to link to your business site, you need to first get it noticed by them. It is always a better idea to try and draw the Web world’s attention before actually seeking a link from reliable resources.  You can make use of a microsite for the purpose of linking to other credible online sources to bring in additional traffic.

Alternatively, you may opt to link the blogs and sites from a mail regularly sent to your subscribers. This will put you in a good position to get in touch with them and seek a link.

As we’ve checked in a previous post, among the most effective modes of attaining your goal of sustained link building are direct emailing and blog commenting. Even an individual phone call can work wonders, though it can be time consuming, on occasions. Depending on your business domain, a social networking platform like Twitter can be great to draw the online community’s attention. Here are a few ideas to do so:

  1. Note what the members usually like to tweet about. Do check their personal sites to get more information and see the kind of topics they usually retweet.
  2. Make it a point to retweet their stuff and engage in interaction with them regularly and constructively.
  3. It is a good idea to seek their opinion and views on something or the other. What holds the key really is it to draw their attention so as to build a fruitful relationship.
  4. If you are successful in securing the link you want, simply do not be contended with taking the link. Keep in touch with the site owner on a regular basis, as one never knows when the resource be needed again for creating another exciting business opportunity.

Link building need not be that hard if you follow a meticulous approach and follow a few simple steps. 

Listing your USPs 

The first step should always be to list your USPs. This can certainly help you in finding the quality links quicker.  

Once you project your brand’s unique selling point in terms of products and services on offer, it will make sure that your site stands apart amidst the clutter and leaves a lasting mark on users who check it. The USPs can then be fed into an SEO expert’s research to find correct sources for the purpose of link building.

The next important step is obviously locating the links you want to follow up about which we shall know in the next post.