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Feature-loaded Bing Bar 7.1 rolled out

In an endeavor to make the Bing Bar more user-friendly, the company has made some changes to it, analyzing the way searchers use the product, the features that are used most, and those not so frequently used. Based on a feedback and a demand for cleaner interface, ease of usage and efficient performance, a new version of Bing Bar has just been rolled out.

The Bing Bar 7.1 offers ‘richer’ access to users’ social connections plus newer entertainment options as well as updated versions of the popular Bing Bar apps. An official post provides an overview of the enhanced features and their benefits, such as Facebook Chat, Slacker Radio, fresh news app, and pertinent search suggestions.

If you want to reach out and quickly chat with any of your Facebook friends sans Facebook window opened in the browser, you can now do so. Chat with all your friends whenever and from wherever you’re online. Facebook Chat feature on Bing Bar 7.1 complements the MSN Messenger app the company delivered in the beginning of the year.

Users can listen to music of their choice, sports events, news update and more without any hindrance to their web browsing thanks to Slacker that will have a highly personalized content as radio service.

Another feature is for a scenario after users happen to trigger a search from a page they are browsing. To make it easier, the new Bing Bar offers suggested search terms as one browses. The search team has expanded the sites as well as methods to suggest searches, adding value to the search experience via the Bing Bar. Elaborating on the features, John Licata of Bing Bar Team mentions:

“We’ve made the Bing Bar news app more visual and expanded news sources so you can focus on the topics that matter most to you. When news breaks, you’ll get an immediate notification right from the Bing Bar. We’re working to expand the app offerings on a global basis. There are countless other improvements throughout Bing Bar 7.1 regarding notifications, configurability, and performance.”

Users can download Bing Bar 7.1 at the Bing Bar page on ‘Discover Bing’. Those already using Bing Bar 7.0 will automatically get the upgrade over the next couple of months, or they can get the upgrade manually via the Discover Bing link.

Meanwhile, a new Translator App has been released for Windows Phone for users to translate any printed language just by pointing the camera. From restaurant menus and transit schedules to posters and street signs the process is now simpler, as you simply point and scan. It’s akin to ‘automatic subtitles’ for day-to-day life situations – a tool that will provide continuous translation overlaid over the any of the language options, including English, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, German, and French, to be expanded gradually.