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Google Testing to Show Number of Previous Month Searches

Adamap reports about Google tool showing the number of previous month searches. Till now Google Keyword tool shows only the volume of searches in term of bar which gives an approximate idea about the popularity of the given keyword.

Overture keyword tool is quite popular among advertisers since it shows the number of searches made in previous month for a given keyword. All you have to do is to type in the keyword and the Overture inventory tool will show the number of searches made for each keyword in previous month. Even Microsoft adCenter displays the number of searches in it’s keyword research tool found in the adcenter account. The number of searches are signifcant from an advertisers point of view because the numbers can vary in different search engines.

As an example the number of searches made for the keyword “payday loans” can be different in Overture keyword tool as compared with Microsoft adCenter tool. These tools gather data from their respective search engine and it’s network. The difference in the number of keyword search is pertinent since there is a difference in search engine share.

Google for quite long time has been protective about disclosing the number of actual searches in Google search. Presently it’s keyword tool offers only an estimate without any approximate figures about the volumes of searches. Google is the number #1 search engine with highest marketing share of approximately 50%. Advertisers will be watching eagerly on this news update. For most advertisers to calculate the number of searches in Google they use Overture or other keyword tools and multiply the numbers by 2 or 3 times. If Google finally offers to even display an approximate number of searches then it can seriuosly decrease the number of advertisers using Overture keyword tool.