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As a blogger, the first thing that you’d wish for is to have viewers glued upon your blogs & articles. In order to that, your blog must not only be attractive in an alphabetical sense, but should convey the message in a clearly fathomable manner. Let us now look at how that could be procured, and in what way.

A Finite Feature

The sky isn’t always the limit, especially when it comes to blogging. Words or characters should be bounded to the extent that readers retain their levels of interest. In the sphere of SEO, a 300-400 word article should suffice the need of both, the blogger/agency and the reader, who’d be the customer or the client. Otherwise, a 400 word blog on diverse platforms would do well for first-timers. You could push your pencil upto the 700 word mark for advanced bloggers and readers. In the process, make sure you keep each paragraph tersely precise in order to preserve and cultivate those interest levels.

Simplicity is the Solution for Stimulation.

Bright screens sure do strain the eyes. And grabbing words off them certainly is a lot tougher. So don’t make it worse by flashing in fancy fonts to make your blog look stylish. Keep it clean by using fonts that are simple with a size that’s easily visible to the naked eye. White spaces should also be added in between fonts. That helps in better understanding.  While we speak of understanding, keep sentences from being elongated, with a character limit of around 75.

Colours now come into play. Simplicity here, has an assertive presence as we focus upon the conglomerative contrast that’d turn heads away.

Be sure to keep the font and its background or imaging, distinctive for easier grasping.

Here’s another tip. Try to keep the font brighter than its background. A dull or dark background would highlight the words, bringing forth the message in a clearer fashion.

A Singular Subject

Your blog post should have one subject. It should have one main message, or point, you want to make. Every blog and piece of content on your website has some kind of a message. This message is the purpose of that piece of writing: what do you want to tell your readers? You should be able to put the message of your post in one sentence. That sentence should contain one topic, not two. If you have a message containing two topics, use that second topic for your next blog post! What’s the purpose of a blog? To convey a message for the audience to settle into. And for them to settle in serenely, there should be one subject per blog. A spectrum of subjects in one would require an array of eyes per person to focus on all of those at once, which would only pour in confusion in our brain. Since we live in a natural world, we should set a smooth scenario with one subject per blog. You could carry forward the second subject into the following article. This way, you’d be able to converge the topic and the reader’s attention for flowering results.

Zero in on each point thoroughly once again to get a clearer picture on how a blog would draw in readers and have their eyes fixed upon each word that flows through to the last sentence.

More concepts and ideas from your end are always welcome, as we’ll have them stocked up among our tips on the table. So, what’re you waiting for? Start scribbling.

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