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Every website is striving for more content. If you dig out deep, More Content actually means – More rankings – More traffic – More brand awareness – and ultimately More sales. If you see the calculations really close, you will be able to figure out that, you don’t need more content in-fact you need right content for the right audience at the right time.

Just uploading more content will not work as, if I am looking for a car, you can’t sell me bike and I would be least interested in watching bike videos, images or reading articles regarding the same. Similarly, if you have content regarding the cars, but you don’t sell cars, then your website is not getting profit.

So in order to increase the conversion rate, first thing you have to do is to figure out who your audience is and who isn’t. By figuring out this simple equation, you will be able to decode the matrix of content marketing and ultimately be able to boost your sales.

There are several ways to find out the behavior, interest and keywords of your targeted audience. Major tactics to do so is listed below.

Google Analytics

The first thing you should do is to check out the Age, gender, location, device, interest  and more about your targeted audience Via Google analytics.

To better understand which content attract users the most and causes conversion, look out for specific groups of pages.


Twitter bio provides a brief idea about the consumer you are targeting. For example if you are selling wines, then look out for people who are wine enthusiast by looking at their bios. You don’t have to manually go through every person page and read their bio, there are several tools which will make the job easier for you. You can also prioritize, when you’ll post the content you crafted specifically for those people when they’re most active.

To make it easier, we have also added such feature on our dashboard where you can specifically target people posting your target terms. For example, if you are a pizza store in Dallas, you can specifically target users posting about pizza within Dallas.


Facebook insights provide data about the audience you are looking for. Using Facebook insights, you can figure out which audience engages with your post the most as that’s the audience you are looking for.

Google Search

Put yourself in the position and mindset of the audience and start typing words on Google search bar. Don’t hit enter; just see what Google suggests before you even complete the sentence. It will provide you with a fair idea about your industry, what consumers are looking for and what’s trending.

Internal site search

Analyze the site search data in order to find out what users are actually looking for and what users are having a hard time finding. If the user is not finding the relevant data easily, consider fixing that issue. A proper content structure is a prerequisite in order to keep users engaged and ultimately drive sales.


Forums are a good medium to find out current trends, customer tendency, and their views. They frankly post reviews and their experience. This should give you an idea about what are the major reasons that drive sales or ruin consumers mind. You can also use advanced search queries to look out for the consumers who are talking about your product/service or the industry.

Your content should be of value to them

I hope you now have a better understanding of the kind of people you want to target, it’s crucial that you spend time creating content and try your level best to come out with unique, engaging and useful content.

Review your content strategy every once a while and make changes accordingly. Your content should be of value to them.

In case you are having a hard time understanding the matrix of generating more traffic and struggling to get audience despite having good product or service, we assist you to reach us with your specific requirement and budget, as we have expertise in SEO, SMO and almost every aspect of Internet marketing. Simply, request a quote for your website or write us your requirement on sales@ebrandz.comor even call us on 1-888-545-0616 (Toll Free).