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The reputation of your company comes before anything else and in a crisis like situation it’s better to speed up the recovery process and while you may think that you are left with limited number options then there’s where some PPC tactics can do wonders in the process of restoring your company’s online reputation management.

It certainly helps your cause, when you have an in-house team which constantly monitors your the paid search accounts  and also keeps a tab on the proceedings so that the urgent issues are taken care of at the right time and speed up the recovery process.

Check out these four as a part of your PPC tactic to deal with PR and ORM issues


  1. Search for new Keywords

So, when you find yourself in a PR crisis, then the first foremost thing that you need to do is to target new sets of keywords. This will not only open up a whole new world of opportunities (in terms of targeting new potential customers) but will also give you some breathing space (in terms of improving your search rankings).

  1. Tweak your sitelinks

Moving Further in a PR crisis, you may consider boosting your sitelink strategy. This can be achieved by linking your site with some corporate charity webpages, client’s testament or issuing a blog statement defending your company’s stance on the recent controversy.

You can use this approach for your branded campaigns but if you happen to find yourself in the controversy a little longer then you can simply modify your existing sitelink campaign by following best practices for relevance and AdWords policies.

  1. Fine-tune your Ad messaging

In case if you have no clue about how to handle a PR crisis then it’s you can hire a professional PR agency to do the needful on your behalf. Ensure that you are in the loop and direct your internal and external PR teams to speed up the process of recovery.

Let your PR team work on fine-tuning the PPC ad messaging, analyze the proposed ad structure and make sure that all your communication channels are working in tandem to bring about a positive change.

  1. Highlight your positive side

Highlight the positive initiatives or specialization or achievements or milestones that you and your firm may have achieved since its inception. You can prioritize the list after going through a brainstorming session with your client so as to ensure that you haven’t left any stone unturned. In the process, you may leverage your callout extensions as well.

Having said that, it’s better to start early then fill up holes later. But if you do find yourself in such a situation, you can find more ways of reacting to such crisis like situation by simply doing a Google search about it. But in case if you do need some help, these tips are more than handful.

So, if you’re looking for help with Pay Per Click for your business, check out our PPC packages and let our professionals do the work for you. Alternatively, you can email sales@ebrandz.com or call 1-888-545-0616 (Toll-Free) for assistance.