How to Improve conversion rate through Paid Ads

There are potentially thousands of keywords you can reserve and bid on for your website. Which means each keyword that you choose will allow your ads to show up when people search those specific keywords. Hence its becomes crucial to decide how much you can afford to spend per click, and in turn, choosing the most relevant keyword for your ads is the key that will work the best .Such ads bring the right kind of traffic.

To achieve higher conversion from paid search results, it’s essential to keep a few points in mind.

Firstly, remember that targeting the keywords is the key to driving more traffic. The keyword that you have chosen for your ads per say is the first and foremost determining factor. You need to check if you’re featuring relevant copy in the ad. To get the right kind of click, keep your ads more relevant or in other words “user-focussed”.

For instance, if you are bidding on keyword terms such as “MBA Colleges”, you would want clicks from those visitors primarily who are looking for “MBA Colleges” . But to intensify the search and let your visitors know about what kind of “MBA colleges” are there to choose from, using ads with keywords like “top 10 MBA colleges in UK”   or so on might get you more clicks. Make sure that the ad you feature to generate the click speaks to this intent.

Hence, to get more clicks on your relevant ads, targeting is essential. This in turn, increases the conversion rate.

Secondly, make sure your landing page gives exactly the same information about the ads, on which the visitors clicked. That is, it is important that you deliver exactly the same on your landing page what you promised in your ads (keywords). If you are creating big expectations with your ad copy, live upto them! Always remember that your landing page should have a “conversion centered design”. Below are a few points that might be of some help while creating a landing page:

  • Your value statements should be clear and crisp so that the visitors understand the purpose   of the page.
  • Have a single message on the page, with a single CTA (Call To Action).
  • As mention above, have a conversion centered design.
  • Use modal dialogs for supplementary information such as terms & conditions, privacy policy, product details. Do NOT send them to your website as it might dislocate the users from your intended conversion path.
  • Use the right page length.
  • Use meaningful graphics and consider using a “flowable” or liquid layout design.
  • TIMITI. This term was coined by Jim Sterne, author of Web Metrics . It stands for Try It! Measure It! Tweak It! i.e. online content effectiveness should be reviewed and improved continuously rather than as a periodic or ad-hoc process.
  • Consider creating some type of strong call to action .

Below is an image of a “near-perfect” landing page. Take a look!


Therefore, higher paid search conversion rates attract additional investment in traffic acquisition. Along with this you also need to constantly fine-tune test campaigns and develop new ones in order to keep ahead of your competitors.

The higher your conversion rates, the more you can afford on advertising clicks, and the faster your revenue and profits will increase. While your competitors optimize their PPC campaigns by addressing pre-click factors, your business should address the post-click factors, and grow.

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