Leverage social bookmarking platforms for link generation

If you are keen to find out how a wider cross-section of searchers tend to think about keywords, you may closely examine how tags are generally used at the popular social bookmarking websites. There are quite a few of them such as Diigo.com, Stumbleupon.com, Digg.com, Reddit.com, Slashdot.org, Delicious.com, Fark.com, Technorati.com, Citeulike.org, and Connotea.org.

All these popular social bookmarking platforms will provide you with quality back links and help you draw targeted traffic. Adding your site or to blog to these bookmarking avenues popular in the social realm give you an advantage over your immediate competitors in terms of focused audience, quality traffic and increased conversions. By sharing your posts, articles and other form of content to the bookmarking sites, they can be easily accessed in future using tags or keywords.

  • We all probably are aware of the importance and relevance of social bookmarking for SEO purpose. Top search engines consider the trust and reliability aspect in websites while pushing up their ranking. This goodwill is accrued over time from credible links to the webpages themselves from other domain-specific sites, blogs, review platforms, forums etc. Better the quality of traffic, higher the rank.
  • Of course, links to your site matter both in qualitative and quantitative terms. It is not always as easy as it seems, so it is a wise idea to seek inputs from experts. Social bookmarking SEO is a critical area to consider. SEO specialists guide you on how to leverage their reach and power so as to reap the rewards. It’s of little to simply log in to your account and bookmark your own sites. You must proactively push for lots of links and recommendations for benefits in real term.
  • You might create several different accounts and profiles and then bookmark your site gradually and many other, something which is time consuming. If a large majority of these emerge from the same IP address, your links will in all probability get ignored and even your accounts might get deleted.
  • It is preferable to form big groups and later bookmark each other’s sites as part of a mutually beneficial arrangement. It works to an extent, but can be tedious when it comes to coordinate these groups. Another option is SocialADR, which is fully automated. After signing up to the chosen social bookmarking sites, you need to submit the pages that you want to be bookmarked. The Web-based service can pave way for diverse links drawn from different real social media accounts. It does not require any software to be installed, and is Twitter integrated so as to boost your site rankings. It facilitates social media account pages’ automatic pinging, to boost the speed, which search engines discover and ultimately count your links.
  • Thanks to fully automated submission to all services. manual typing/ drag-and-drop is not needed. You will always know because of real-time reporting and statistics how a marketing campaign is doing. The bookmarks you get on the social websites aren’t all on your own account. You can get links from of different users on each of these sites. Most of your profiles are absolutely new and have hardly any incoming links, so you can have more mature accounts that link to your stuff.