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Microsoft Corp. Makes a Deal with Lenevo Group Ltd.

On March 14, 2007, Yahoo News reported an agreement between Microsoft Corp. with Lenevo Group Ltd. Lenevo agreed to pre load Lenevo computers with Microsft’s windows live search toolbar.

In a way Microsoft can take some pride out of this deal since they replaced previous deal which Lenevo had with Google Inc. Prior to this deal with Microsoft, Lenevo had similar deal with Google Inc. to pre load Google toolbar in Lenevo computers. This deal can mean significant move from Microsoft point of view which comes at a time when Microsoft is trying to gain search engine share.

Lenevo is the world’s third largest PC maker and making a deal with Lenevo can bring some boost to their search engine share. However industry experts believe that most of the corporate users tend to remove all pre installed software and load the computers or notebook with their list of softwares.

This is considered true for advanced users who only prefers operating with their choice of software. However there are lots of users who continue to use with whatever software the notebook provider has pre installed. They can be advanced users or naive users who know only basic knowledge of operating computers.

Apart from making such deals with notebook and computer makers, they should also be looking to improve their search engine technology of Windows Live Search which should be comparable to Google search engine. Micorosft made a right move here and they should be looking to have similar deals with other laptop and computer makers. With such deals and improvement in search engine technology they can definitely look forward to increase their search engine share.