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Search Engine Share – January 2007

Nielsen Netratings released Search engine share for January 2007. The top three position are still held by Google, Yahoo and MSN/Live Search. Google continues to show growth of 40% and Yahoo is still not doing bad with the growth of 28%. However MSN has shown growth of only 2.8% which should be a serious concern to them. The report can be found here.

Just keep wondering that sometime back Microsoft was making all the noise about taking on Google and giving them run for their money. Looking at the figures it seems that their first target should be to beat Yahoo! before they can take on Google. Together these three engines handles 85% of user search queries.

It would be interesting to see the figures of how many users, use two or more engines to find relevant information. With that consideration, the actual loyal visitors of MSN/Live search would be still lower. There is no iota of doubt that Microsoft are brilliant in marketing their product. But will they be able to take on Google or even Yahoo! in near future? Or will they be able to increase their search engine share to even 25 to 30% by the end of 2007? That is the thing which would be interesting to see in coming months.