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SEO and PPC – The Great Convergence

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Plenty of companies take two very different approaches to do search marketing. Some agencies create two very distinct departments focusing on paid search and SEO, seemingly working against each other. However, these two types of marketers can work together to get more results in a more lasting way for many businesses. This can be seen in the research recently done by Google itself!

The studies have shown that SEO impacts how many clicks pay-per-click marketing (PPC) ads receive. For example, Google has discovered that strong organic search results will increase their click-through rate for their PPC ads on the same SERP when a site has strong organic search results. However, other studies have found that the reverse is true; paid search can also augment organic campaign results.

Let’s look at how SEO and PPC may work together to boost your website.

1- It helps to increase the presence on search engines –

Having your website optimized and purchasing PPC advertising for specific keywords can help your website or business remain at the top of search engines, resulting in more clicks.

2- PPC allows you to reclaim lost search engine clicks –

Even if your site is naturally ranked first, suspending your PPC ads could reduce your visitors! You may be able to reclaim undetected clicks for your website by combining PPC and organic search!

3- Remarketing programs allow you to reconnect with former visitors –

You can reach prior visitors and encourage them to return to complete a purchase or convert into a lead by integrating SEO and PPC, as they might completely forget about you if you don’t use remarketing.

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