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Signs Your Business Is Targeting The Wrong Audience

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The target audience you choose may make or break the success of your marketing campaign. Your marketing messages will not resonate with them if you choose the wrong audience. You will be unable to address your audience’s trouble areas, resulting in the loss of potential consumers.  

4 Potential Signs You Are Targeting The Wrong Audience

1. You are not much aware of your audience’s personas –

Knowing more about your consumers allows you to design content, marketing, and advertisements with them in mind. If you fail to do so, it will not attract the attention of those people who are intrigued and almost ready to purchase.

2. Your emails aren’t being read –

If you see that your email open-rate is low or that individuals open but don’t respond, your message may no longer resonate with this set of audiences. Change up your messaging to see whether there’s a good fit.

3. Your sales staff is wasting time on leads that aren’t qualified –

If your sales staff is having a lot of discussions with prospects that aren’t a good match for your company, it’s quite likely that it’s because of your segmentation. Examine the content and messaging attracting these leads and determine if any changes can be made to suit your target audience better.

4. Your contacts are unsubscribing in large numbers –

Unsubscribes are something that many marketers hate, but it is also a fact that they must face. However, if you’re witnessing an opt-out rate of more than 2% in your email marketing, you should investigate why.

These signs are most likely the cause of your company’s stagnation. Contact eBrandz for assistance today!