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Decoding Google’s Jelly Bean update

Google well understands, more than ever, what it must do, in order to turn Android into a responsive phone & tablet operating system for laypeople, not just highly tech-savvy users. And instead of piling on more and more complicated features with Android 4.1, it is centered on basic simplicity and usability. Jelly Bean, as Android 4.1 is nicknamed, is not an update loaded with show-stopping features. One can definitely grasp that from the version number. Only the decimal has apparently changed in it. But then there is Google Now, a solid competitor to Siri announced sans a lot of fanfare by Apple. Continue reading

Relevance of QR codes for small businesses

Marrying the Internet to handheld devices is becoming a necessity. Small businesses are learning to factor in the growing proliferation of smartphone devices into their marketing strategy. With their usage going up significantly, many small businesses are fast turning to QR (quick-response) codes to connect with prospects on the go. Continue reading

Relevance of the Googlebot and Mobile Content

Website owners cannot or should not ignore mobile as a powerful organic marketing channel. To leverage it to the best possible extent, it is necessary to structure a business site in a suitable and optimum manner for mobile phones so as the target audience is able to engage in best possible manner, and feels encouraged to purchase your products or services. Continue reading