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Why you cannot demarcate your online reputation and your offline image?

Most hiring managers not just in the US but in other western and European countries search for candidates online, and nearly three fourth of them would reject or accept a candidate depending on what they come across in the respective search results, according to a past study courtesy Microsoft. Continue reading

Is manipulating your online reputation possible?

Social networks, the ensuing over-sharing of sentiments and a flurry of comments online have created a significant self-sustained source of relief as well as threat. The businesses now realize that the medium is popular and potent enough to put their reputation at stake. If privacy is a concern for individuals, for corporate houses it’s their brand image. Continue reading

Seek expert’s help to enhance your brand’s online reputation

For a small business owner operating primarily on the Web, a good online reputation management is very important. It’s clearly among the most critical elements when it comes to building a positive brand image. If unfavorable reviews are constantly circulated about your products and services, they can irreversibly damage your brand reputation. You need to be proactive in dealing with such negative feedback. Continue reading