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Finer aspects of Google Adwords arbitrage

Arbitrage is like any other basic business mode wherein one just likes you to purchase something for less, and then disposing it for higher cost. It works in a way similar to advertising your site, which has ads in Adwords program for a lower cost per click (CPC), anticipating a higher return. Well, it all seems simple, but Arbitrage needs caution and care while implementing it. Continue reading

Cost-per-click and other key aspects of AdWords

AdWords tool claims to put the users in complete control of the amount that they would pay for key terms and clicks. There is no such thing as a minimum spending threshold. It’s all up to the user’s instinct and individual calculations! If one wants to reach out to as many potential customers, among the most critical aspects to get right are an ad’s content/copy and targeting. These factors are equally vital when it comes to controlling the costs. Continue reading