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Is Facebook failing to influence ‘prospects’?

Four out of five Facebook users, a survey shows, have never ever bought any product or service as a direct result of comments or advertising on the popular social network. The online poll showed that 34 percent of users of the site among those surveyed were now spending less time on it than six months ago. On the other hand just 20 percent of them were spending more time. Continue reading

Why you should always listen to all your customers?

An in-depth knowledge or a well cultivated insight of your customers’ mindset and thought process sure will help you come up with excellent great products and also provide quality services. Conversely, in case of a complete mismatch between their overall aspirations and your offerings, the business model might fail to click. Here are more reasons why all companies irrespective of their size and domain must carefully listen to their customers. Continue reading

Why must small businesses listen to online conversations?

The overall attention span of today’s customers’ and also their keenness to engage with a host of divergent marketing messages is continually decreasing. This is largely because of an array of marketing channels available, prompting to them to consider and try out various options to check which one suits them the best. Continue reading