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Identifying Influencers and lead generation with social media

While resorting to digital media in order to mobilize marketing initiatives, companies irrespective of size and domains resort to an array of powerful channels. In this context, social media is a must for marketers. Often they fail to grasp the true potential of networking channels from the point of view of customer engagement and constant communications. Continue reading

Is Facebook failing to influence ‘prospects’?

Four out of five Facebook users, a survey shows, have never ever bought any product or service as a direct result of comments or advertising on the popular social network. The online poll showed that 34 percent of users of the site among those surveyed were now spending less time on it than six months ago. On the other hand just 20 percent of them were spending more time. Continue reading

Why is it vital to ‘listen’ to online conversations?

When it comes to managing online reputation of a brand, several factors come into play. There are issues like how to document the highly dynamic social media communications, different advertising material and all sorts of client communications – both generic and specific. In essence, electronic data management is becoming very vital. If you don’t preserve it, you may lose it and thus perhaps land yourself in trouble at some stage. Continue reading