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A new set of ‘premium ads’ on Facebook

Hundreds of millions of Facebook users, including you, should start bracing up for a lot more vigorous flow of advertising – not only in their newsfeed and on their mobile but also when they are logged off.  The top social networking site has just announced a suite of advertising-oriented products aimed at inserting more ads into its traditionally clean interface. The company intends to draw more from mobile ads, where it has apparently struggled. Continue reading

Skill of spotting ‘contagious’ stories is this site’s success formula

The creation of MIT Media Lab graduate, Jonah Peretti, this is a news+search+social site that leverages his immense expertise in fathoming content likely to be most ‘liked’. He first used that acumen at The Huffington Post, brewing up a bubbling cauldron of goofy cat shots and tatty celebrity news behind a leading page of serious news, analysis and commentary. Now, the foresighted expert has developed technologies, which lets his brainchild very quickly determine what media content flow is dominating at a given point. Continue reading